Medical Tests for Testosterone Deficiency

Medical Tests for Testosterone Deficiency

A hormonal decrease like testosterone deficiency needs full blood analysis to confirm the diagnosis. Very often general doctors mix the symptoms of Low T with the natural aspects of aging. But numerous medical studies proves that it is not so. Our organism can’t just break down only because we are becoming older. A lot of unpleasant changes that happen can be the cause of a certain form of hormone deficiency.

When a person applies to the doctor with such symptoms as muscle loss, fatigue, low libido, weight gain, poor concentration, joint paints and stiffness, mental fog, the doctor first of all considers the patient’s age. It is possible to hear that you are getting older and because of this, you have the certain symptoms even if you are a bit over 40. Nevertheless, this is not true. It is necessary to make some general blood test to check for high cholesterol, anemia or inflammation. It is even desirable to check thyroid levels. It is possible that hormones levels will not be part of the conversation.


Behind all these symptoms can be testosterone deficiency. Among the symptoms of Low T are muscle and bone loss, weight gain, poor memory, lack of energy and a lot more. The specialist needs to make full blood tests for total and free testosterone levels alongside with other crucial hormones that can cause the similar symptoms as Low T.

Apart from blood tests, it is necessary to undergo a physical exam that can be performed by any doctor on your choice. Assessing the levels of hormone, HRT specialists will be interested in the changes of breasts, male genitals, eyesight and hair growth. The result of this examination can be sent to the hormone replacement clinic.

Before making a diagnosis, the doctor thoroughly analyzes the patient’s medical history and current health state. This provides the HRT doctor with a clear picture of the patient’s state.

Blood tests for testosterone deficiency are made in the morning. The obligatory condition for the test is not to consume anything after midnight of the previous day before the analysis is taken. Any food consumed can influence the test results and you will need to repeat the procedure, which means extra cash.

It is possible to put a precise diagnosis only after assessing the results of the blood tests.

Testosterone Deficiency Specialists

We have already mentioned the possible mistakes of the general doctors, who can mix the symptoms of testosterone deficiency with the aging changes. But if aging is only an offshoot of decline hormone levels? This happens rather often inside the body of many patients.

That is why the ideal person to apply for under these circumstances is a hormone replacement therapy doctor. HRT specialists have significant experience in this field in comparison to general doctors or other practitioners. They are able to see the signs of hormone deficiency and prescribe the right blood tests.

It is possible to find HRT specialist of the local and national level. Some individuals are ashamed to apply to doctors in case of erectile dysfunction or other highly personal problems. So they seek help in national hormone therapy clinics, as it is easier for them to speak about their problems on the phone with an unknown specialist than to ask their doctors for help.

National hormone clinics usually offer consultations over the phone. However, sometimes they can consult you via email. Among the other differences of national and local clinics are the adjunct forms of treatment they offer. National HRT specialists concentrate mainly on that practice and do not offer other kinds of treatment. Local specialists can provide other forms of therapy, like plastic surgery, weight loss and diet programs, liposuction, skin rejuvenation, vitamins and supplements, laser treatment, etc.

The majority of HRT doctors understand that treating testosterone deficiency makes other types of therapy unnecessary as it corrects any concerns. It is advisable to consult HRT doctor before starting the therapy.

Why It Is Recommended To Consult a Specialist

Living in the age when everything can be bought in a second, this is absolutely necessary. The World Wide Net has changed our lives greatly and these changes are not only positive. Some individuals choose to purchase Testosterone injections online without prior consultations with a specialist. This may cause a lot of troubles.

Testosterone therapy is a necessary medical measure to deal with testosterone deficiency. People suffered from Low T, have lower than usual testosterone level in the organism. This leads to a number of serious symptoms affecting their daily life.

It is safe to use testosterone treatment only under the condition that it is prescribed by a doctor. It is necessary to calculate the ideal dose for injections. If the dose applied is too little, there will be no desired results. If the dose is too high, side effects are quite possible. Furthermore, the body stops to produce testosterone naturally and the individual will have to use this therapy constantly.

Testosterone deficiency symptoms resemble the symptoms of other hormone deficiencies along with other serious health problems. Only special blood tests can determine the reasons for these symptoms and only after the analysis, you can be sure in the correct choice of treatment.

Wrong treatment will not bring you desired results. You will waste money and time that could be spent more purposefully.  This is the reason to apply to a specialist in this sphere before buying testosterone injections. This guarantees you the desired results safe and in time.


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