How to Stop Rugs Slipping in Your Home

In period flats, refurbished homes or sleek new builds, it’s likely you’ll have a wood, laminate, tiled or stone floor in many rooms, or indeed throughout your home. Although these finishes are always classic and chic year after year, you’ll probably have a collection of rugs to keep your home warm, inviting, and comfortable.

However – these floor finishes often cause rugs to slip. Unsightly, annoying and sometimes even dangerous – rug slippage is something we could all do without. But never fear – investing in some anti-slip rug underlay is the solution to all your rug movement woes.

What Is Anti Slip Rug Underlay?

In short, anti-slip rug underlay prevents your rugs, runners and mats from slipping and sliding on your wooden, laminate or tiled floor. This means no more skewing, rucking or movement from your rugs. Furthermore, an anti-slip rug underlay will also protect the underside of your rug, preventing it from excessive wear and tear over the years.

Anti-slip rug underlay is generally made from 2mm of fleece gripper. This material grips your rug to the floor, stopping it from moving, bulging, developing ridges or sliding around, fixing the rug flat on the floor. In addition, the fleece gripper has a special coating which provides maximum hold without using any sort of glue – so you needn’t worry about sticky residue or harmful solvents found in many spray adhesive products.

Why Invest In Anti Slip Underlay?

Rug bulging, ridging and movement is unsightly – there’s certainly nothing worse than a skew-whiff rug to ruin the geometry of your carefully designed living room or hallway! However, in busy households with kids, pets and lots of day-to-day rushing around, a ridged or slippy rug can be a safety hazard. Ridges in rugs are a trip hazard that is especially dangerous in homes with hardwood or stone flooring. Furthermore, if you’ve got kids playing and chasing each other around the house at a million miles per hour, a slippery rug can cause a serious accident. If a rug moves from underneath a child while they’re running across a hardwood or tiled room, the motion can cause a fall that could end in quite a serious injury.

The Benefits Of Anti Slip

If you’ve got young children, it might seem like you have to get rid of your rugs to save the constant readjustments, or worse, the risk of an accident. The major benefit of anti-slip rug underlay is that once applied under your rugs, you needn’t worry about any of these risks. Your rugs will stay put, keeping your home warm, welcoming, tidy, and completely trip-hazard free.

What’s more, the underlay method of fixing rugs comes with many advantages. Products like the 2mm thick fleece underlay are suitable for homes with underfloor heating and are completely machine washable at 30 degrees. In addition, this product can be adjusted to fit any size of rug or runner. Sold in a wide range of different sizes, anti-slip underlay can be cut with a pair of household scissors to fit any size of rug, including narrow runners or circular carpets. Generally, manufacturers suggest your rug overlaps the underlay by 8mm for the best possible hold.

As a thoroughly practical product that keeps your home looking sleek, organised and tidy – as well as an indispensable safety feature – anti-slip rug underlay is an investment well worth making for your hardwood, laminate, tiled or stone floors.


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