Spring 2013 Accessories for Women

Spring rolled in with its usual series of bright colors, but some extra pomp and styles for the New Year. This year seems to be unlike the others when it comes to spring accessories as the trends seem to be more neutralized than the regular bursts of color that go hand in hand with the season.

The foremost trend to be observed is the combination of black and white. From bags and shoes to bracelets and earrings, everything is being made and worn in this classic and balanced color combination. The forerunner to this style statement is statement jewelry; be it necklace, earrings or rings, it just has to be over the top so your jewelry dresses you up rather than your clothes. Read on to delve deeper into necessary accessories this spring.


1.  Pointed Toe Heels

When it comes to shoes, pointed toe ones are quite the thing this spring and summer. Such heels are perfect for any formal or casual occasion and add to your outfit that hint of being dressed up. With all designers in town, there are plenty of different styles of pointed toe heels also available.

From strappy sandals to standard pumps, pointed toe heels comes in different colors and styles. It might be advisable to get a pair in black or white as they are sure to go with any of your outfits and with black and white in trend, will keep you an extra bit in styles. Admittedly, heels are quite pricey to buy, but with so many online discounts and coupon codes available these days, you are sure to be able to buy something while still remaining in your budget.

2.  Cuff Bracelets

Incorporating the trend of statement jewelry, cuff bracelets are a great accessory to an ordinary or plain outfit. Different cuff bracelet designs include simple and bold stripes of colors, bling-y stones all over the cuff, or cuffs shaped like snakes and tigers that really catch the eye.

If you are confused about what to wear to a formal party, choose your trusty little black dress and step up your look with a bold, red lipstick and a snake shaped cuff bracelet wrapped around your wrist. A cuff bracelet is a sure way to make you look neither overdressed nor underdressed for any formal occasion and yet be a great addition to your entire outfit.

3.  Crystal Clutch Purses

If you are looking for the perfect accessory for a super bling-y affair, look no further than a selection of crystal clutch purses. They’re covered in crystals, gems and rhinestones that not only dazzle you with their shine, but make you look dazzling as well.

Some of the latest designs in such clutch purses include varying sized crystals arranged all over the clutch in some sort of pattern, prominently floral. Another style includes clutch purses designed in the shape of a giant crystal; some even have a translucent, crystal-like effect added to them as well.

4.  Studded Cross-body Bags

Studs are quite popular in almost every fashion item, but nowhere are they more popular than when it comes to cross-body bags. These casual bags are the rage among teens, and adults; young and old alike. Cross-body bags go very well with streetwear. There are bigger, satchel-like versions of these as well as smaller ones just to carry the basics.

Spring brings to you cross-body bags with a newer twist than the old quilted styled ones, so you get studded cross body bags. These studs may be placed sparsely all over the bag in some pattern or, alternatively, they may cover the entire surface of the bag. The studs come in various colors and matches with various color combinations, the most prominent of which are silver and gold studs.

5.  Nail Rings

An unusual addition to the world of rings is the presence of these nails rings. They are designed like a nail and have some sort of an embellishment around them to make them look unique and glamorous.

Some styles are girly and chic with butterfly or floral ornaments while others are more flashy and fierce and have long, pointed nails and studs, making them appear to be a monsters claw. Modish or monster-ish, nail rings are an essential ingredient to spring accessory fashion so be sure to lay your hands on one that suits your taste.

6.  Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces entered the accessory world a while back, but they continue to be favorites among all fashion followers. They come in all different kinds of designs that creativity allows. Every year, there are new styles and designs to these statement necklaces, making them remain popular.

This year, since most jewelry is plain blocks of gold or silver, statement necklaces have inclined themselves to this trend as well. Jewelry designers and celebrities alike are seen donning bold gold chain necklaces that stand out against any plain outfit and make you look eye catching. Get yourself a neutral colored statement necklace and turn any outfit extraordinary.

7.  Thin Colored Belts

Belts come in all shapes, sizes and designs as do mostly all accessories. They are all worn with different kinds of clothing, some for adding to your outfit while some for adding to your figure.

Thin belts usually add to both; they accentuate your waist and also make your outfit more chic and classy. With the clothes trend mostly tilted towards a black and white spectrum of color rather than the usual bright shades, thin colored belts are not only a great way to make you look classy, but also add color to your outfit.

As always, the accessories trends for spring, as for any other season, are all quite a wild mix. However, jewelry designers really seemed to have branched out this year and tried to bring in newer trends than the regular use of bright, colored pieces.

Spring 2013 seems to be more about balance and neutrality and you’ll see the yin-yang kind of black and white trend as well as the trend for the metallic shades of gold, silver and copper. In a sea of spring accessories, choose the trend that suits you rather than following a trend aimlessly. Accessories really make or break your look, so choose wisely.