Six of the Best Accessories for Wedding Guests

With the rising cost of weddings nowadays, American couples are looking at coughing up at least $33,000 on average to celebrate their nuptials with their family, friends and loved ones. Traditionally, weddings were often held in the warmer, summer months but these days, many couples are opting for a more off-season date to try and reduce costs as much as they can – and winter weddings are becoming more and more popular as a result.

When you hit a certain age, you can expect to receive a few wedding invitations a year. Even as a guest, this can get a little expensive when you want to dress to impress but one of the best ways to enhance your wedding attire is with accessories! With the right accessories, any outfit can be jazzed up enough for a formal event like a wedding, with the option of wearing it more than once, too!

Let’s take a look at some of the best accessories out there for men and woman to help you look your best!

For the Girls…

Statement Hairpiece – The practise of wearing a hat or fascinator to a wedding is another tradition that has evolved into something much more modern over time. While many female wedding guests choose to let their hair do the talking, wearing a statement hairpiece such as an oversized flower or flower crown is a quick and easy way to turn your outfit into something extra special.

Subtle Jewelery – Attending a wedding often means letting your own personal style blend into the background, especially if you are usually quite flamboyant and in your face. Jewelery can be stylish and right for you without being in your face, just opt for classic cuts with delicate with understated designs or patterns to subtly accessorize your ensemble.

Classic Bag and Shoes – Every girl has a little black dress that can be relied upon if they have an outfit crisis – and the same needs to be said for shoes and bag. Find a classic, timeless pairing that can go with every outfit necessary. Think simple and neutral tones for a classic addition to your wedding attire.

For the Guys…

Collar Pins – Traditionally collar pins were very formal and used by men in positions of power and authority. However, these days, they are an incredibly simple yet refined addition to an outfit to really take it to the next level when it comes to style.

Cufflinks – For men attending weddings, there isn’t always much scope for creativity when it comes to wedding outfits. Where this changes though, is with the addition of accessories! Silver cufflinks are a traditional element to any suit, but modern updates such as mechanical cufflinks  adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that can make any outfit look outstanding.

Pocket Square – One of the most simple but effective additions to any wedding ensemble is the pocket square. It can be used to great effect to match the wedding colors or jazz up a suit that would otherwise blend into the background.

While these simple additions to a wedding outfit might not seem like much, they are so versatile as they can be worn at a number of different events or special occasions, too. Forget spending your hard-earned cash on an entirely new outfit, invest in some high-quality accessories instead!

Investment pieces such as these staples ensure that you are always prepared for any event. And with a few classic pieces in the bank, you can rest assured that the next wedding you attend will be one where you look stylish and sophisticated, no matter what.



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