Simple ways to keep your family organised

Living an organised life is a lot easier said than done for many, especially those who work while raising their children. From getting them ready for school to tucking them up in bed at the end of the day, you may find yourself struggling to keep your home in order. If you have a laptop and printer to hand, keeping your family organised is easier than ever.

Plus, you can pick up printer ink online – we’re big fans of TonerGiant for stocking up on ink that can be delivered the next working day – so, keeping the little one’s organised doesn’t have to be a difficult feat. Take on these tips to help your household become more organised with ease.

Cleaning rota

Delegating household tasks teaches children responsibility, teamwork and self-reliance, as well as ensuring tasks are completed in a timely manner compared to if only the adults in the house were doing them. Taking time to make a cleaning rota helps ensure there are no arguments about who does what and that nothing gets missed off. Include who is doing what task on each day of the week as well as a space for them to tick off that it’s been done. You could incorporate a rewards system so that those who finish all of their chores get a treat or pocket money.


Plan out your meals in advance

If there’s one way of organising mealtimes, it’s planning and prepping in advance. Gone are the days of coming up with meals on the fly, which is a major stress for many families – especially after a long day of work. Meal prepping is financially beneficial and saves time in the long run as you can make bigger batches of food to have throughout the week while avoiding food waste. As well as this, planning in advance helps you make healthier choices and improve portion control.

File all paperwork

It’s almost too easy to lose track of paperwork, especially when you have children bringing home letters from school on top of bills and work documents. This can result in you missing out on essential deadlines, forgetting about school projects and the like. Spend some time making a filing system that works for you, ensuring to separate the documents by type to keep track. Make sure to write down important dates on your calendar as you transfer the documents into the appropriate folder.

Make the most of storage

While it may be obvious that storage is key for organisation, it’s still not utilised as much as it should be. Having a place for everything really does help keep every member of the family organised, as well as reducing the chance of something going missing. Storage bins for toys, cubbies for school bags, hooks for hats and coats – you name it, you can find an innovative storage solution for it.

Label all of these storage compartments to ensure they’re only used for their original purpose – you don’t want the keys to end up in the toy box, after all. If you have little children, consider drawing a small photo on a label instead so even they can understand. 

By just changing a couple of the ways you do things around the home, you can achieve a more fluid, ordered lifestyle. It’s worth making the effort to implement all of the above, as it’ll save you a lot more time in the long run.