Shoes for all kinds of feet

If you feel you keep picking out similar shoes every time you go show shopping, it may be time that you discover more styles. For women, there are a large variety of shoes of different styles available. It is a good idea to try and discover more styles and also learn what style is best suited to what kind of clothes. There can be a different style of shoe for each kind of outfit! While mules go with any kind of outfit, pumps are ideal for everyday wear. Learn how to choose the right shoe and have fun shoe shopping next time.

Ankle Straps –

Any shoe with a strap that goes around the ankle qualifies as an ankle strap shoe. There can even be multiple straps or even ribbons or laces to secure the shoe to the ankle. These shoes are great for everyday wear, if they are with a lower heel. While they can complement your pant suit to work, they go equally well with casual dresses.

Ballet flats –

More commonly known as Ballerinas, they have become one of the most popular styles of shoes. This is mainly due to the fact that this shoe is comfortable and comes in a variety of designs and colors and suits women of all age groups, sizes and ethnicity. A flat heeled shoe, it may be simply slipped on with great ease and has a rounded front. A very versatile design of shoe, the material of the shoe and its colors can either make this shoe look trendy and casual or even cool and sophisticated.

Espadrilles –

These are definitely the fashionable shoes this season! Spanish in origin, these shoes could be flats or beautifully gorgeous heels that can accessorize absolutely any outfit. Usually Espadrilles have cotton or canvas upper, though even leather has become popular this season. The sole is flexible, made of rubber or even rope but fashioned to look like rope. The most common is the jute rope sole and an upper which comes in bright flashy colors including, red, black, pink and white.

Mary Janes –

This is the shoe which reminds you of school days! Just like school shoes, these have a rounded toe and almost always have a single or double strap running across the middle of the foot. However, unlike school shoes, Mary Janes are available in brilliantly vivid colors and a variety of different materials as well. A little heel is always great, especially if you want a shoe that can easily be paired up with casual dresses as well as trousers.

Mules –

A perfect shoe for everyday wear, Mules are covered in the front but are open at the back. This makes them perfect for just slipping into and running off to work! They are available in all kinds of designs and colours and if you buy one with a little heel, it can work perfectly as your everyday work shoe.

Kitten heels –

Again very popular style to wear to work, these heels are low and taper at the bottom. The heel is usually no more than 1.5 inches, making this a very comfortable shoe that can go with your formal business suits as well as skirts. The perfect wear for a corporate look which all says that you are proud to be a woman!

Pumps –

Basics for every wardrobe, pumps are low cut shoes which just fit the foot and have no straps. The best options are leather and micro-fibres as these are shoes which give a very formal and corporate look.

Peep Toes –

Cute and flirtatious, these shoes are open at the toe in a small rounded or even wedge shape. These are the perfect shoes to wear with your jeans and summer dresses as they give your feet a very relaxed and casual look in a chic way.

Sandals –

While most people prefer flat sandals, some are evn available with a little heel. These are the ideal footwear to pair up with jeans and a casual Tee as they complete casual look. Wear them to grocery shopping or for walking along the river front! They are comfortable yet elegant as they come in very varied designs and shapes.

Stiletto heels –

The high heels that every girl dreams of! These are the evening wear shoes that can add grace to any party dress. Slender and feminine, as pair of black stiletto heels is as important to your wardrobe as the little black dress. They come in various designs and styles so choose one that looks great on your feet and are the perfect accessory for your evening dresses.

Sling backs –

These are a cross between mules and a full shoe. Like mules, they only have a front but also have a strap that connects the back to the front. These are ideal for those who find mules slightly uncomfortable and prefer their shoe to fit closely on their feet. Like mules, these are available in different styles and colours and have different heights of heel available as well. Pair these up with your daily work outfits.

Wedge Heels –

Very popular this season, wedge heels are based on the same shape as a triangular door-stop. The heel starts right at the front and extends al the way back, running a wedge shape and creating a platform heel. Available in various heights of heel, these are classy and casual and can go with any outfit.

Now that we have discussed the various styles, you can choose a different style and heel option in every style. A varied collection of shoe is a must in order to give variety to your dressing sense. Any fashionable woman knows that your outfit alone cannot give you a great dressing style, the accessories are equally important. And in accessories, shoes top the list of revealing how fashionably trendy or boring a woman’s dressing sense really is. So next time you go shoe shopping, keep these designs in mind and don’t be scared to explore!


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