Several unofficial tips to make your funny essay writing better

Funny Essay Writing Tips and Hacks

Not every person is able to tell jokes so that everybody will laugh at them. Besides, it is scientifically proved that one and the same jest is perceived differently according to how it was presented and what charm a funster has. Some people have a sense of humor; they can understand any tricks and pranks easily and smile at them. However, they can’t create funny sketches or stories. Such individuals frequently face the question, “Can Scooby do my essay instead of me?”  It is because the task of funny essay writing is waiting for them at home, in the streets of a city, and even in a shopping center. In short, they can run, but they can’t hide!

Perils and Pitfalls of Humorous Composition

If you see your professor laughing at your work, don’t hurry to take a victory lap. The reason for his positive state of mood may lie not in the ingenuity of your lines but in the stupidity of this paper. What did you do wrong? Where is the dividing line between a smart and silly joke? Well, we are going to help you to become the best stand-up artist ever and obtain an excellent grade.

  • The title is the key opening a door to a room with jokes, which you must include in your paper. If the heading is bad, then throw your essay in a window. Learn many funny stories and their headings to see what hacks and tricks authors used to make a person smile at these few words. Try a wordplay. This old method still works brilliantly and it is amazing!
  • Do you think anybody will want to continue reading your paper if the topic is not so acute and interesting for them? NO! To pick up a really persuasive topic is a kind of torture for students. It has to be informative somehow but still, it needs some jokes. What topic can be both comical and serious? It is almost every subject in the world, we can find humoristic features in every sphere of our lives. For example, imagine you have chosen a theme like this: “The global warming is going to change the world drastically”. Here you can describe its numerous causes and effects and state that you are not against it, as you want to get a fashionable suntan for free while sitting in your Alaska garden.
  • If you think that the idea to snap a theme from someone else’s work, which you have found on the Internet, is great enough, you’d better prepare to fail in your paper composition. Some jigs were famous two or three years ago, so at present, they can be too old for people. Search for some acute themes, watch comedy shows where humorists are mocking at some serious issues. They always know what is up to date and what is old-fashioned.

Several Excellent Comedy Composition’s Methods

Do you want to make your reader giggle at your piece of writing? Then stick to these effective, professional rules to create a comic essay:

  1. The best way not to hurt someone’s feelings is to laugh at yourself. Besides, you may always poke fun at your parents, children, animals, and spouses.
  2. Collect interesting, ridiculous words to fulfill the task. Some of them are frequent and ordinary, others are unique and funny.
  3. Try to surprise your professor with a rich joke; for this purpose, you need to create tension before a gag comes. Almost every comic of the world uses this method of suspense, and you know what? It works!

These simple tips can make an excellent humorous story – try it, and have your professor in stitches!




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