Why Scotland is the Best Western Europe Country for Walking Holidays

There are many wonderful places to head for a walking holiday in western Europe. France, Holland and England all have stunning places to explore, but it is actually Scotland that is the pick of the bunch and those that have walked the highlands before will know why. Scotland is a country with outstanding natural beauty to explore, as well as a handful of charming cities and villages which are must visits.

Dramatic Landscapes 

Scotland is famed for its dramatic, breathtaking landscapes and there is no better way to experience these than with a Scottish walking holiday. Epic mountain ranges, gigantic lakes, glacial glens, deep valleys and wild, rugged countryside all await here. You will certainly want to pack a camera to capture this astonishing natural beauty which is quite unlike anywhere else in the world. 


There are many great off-the-beaten-path hidden gems to uncover on a walking holiday, but Scotland also has a handful of highlights that any visitor will want to experience. This includes the cultural and welcoming cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as natural highlights like Loch Ness (keep your eyes peeled for the Loch Ness Monster!), the Isle of Skye and the magnificent Cairngorms National Park.


With such natural and diverse natural beauty throughout Scotland, it is unsurprising that there is an abundance of amazing wildlife here. Stags, eagles, wildcats, badgers and more can be found throughout the land, whilst if you head to the coast or Isles (highly recommended), you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of dolphins or a whale.

Locals & Economy

Walking in Scotland you will also get to experience the unique and wonderful culture throughout the countryside. Friendly locals will welcome you into the great rural pubs, which are a focal point for the community in these areas. This is also a good opportunity to try the tantalising local cuisine and whiskey. If you are a whisky lover then you will adore Scotland as it is home to some of the greatest distilleries in the world. There are even whisky and walking holidays where you can visit these distilleries and see how it is made.

Scotland truly is a beautiful country with great diversity and plenty to explore. This makes it a superb destination for walking enthusiasts and there are many highlights and hidden gems to find throughout the land. Walking holidays are all about exploring and immersing yourself in the outdoors and there are few better places for this than Scotland.


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