Scary Beauty Pageants Kids

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Most little girls get into their mother’s makeup at some point and try on lipstick, mascara and eye shadow. Usually they slather it on in roughly the right places and end up looking a bit kooky. All very normal, educational and lots of fun.

It would seem at modern day child beauty pageants however, that the mums have taken makeup tips from drag queens instead of lightly enhancing their daughters’ natural beauty. There is big elaborate hair, fake tan, high heels, false eyelashes, manicured nails and outrageously expensive outfits. But scarily, it doesn’t stop there. Anything goes regardless of age and some manic pushy mothers get Botox injections, fillers and even body waxes for under tens!

These pageants are not about the girls at all, it is usually their scary mothers trying to live vicariously through them. Dragging them across the country and spending obscene fortunes, these mothers are not doing their daughters any favours. Instead of being little girls, they are ghoulishly, garishly and sexually made up to look like tiny women. It is invariably freaky.

Let little girls, be little girls I say. Here are some scary warnings against going down the pageant path.


Isn’t it wrong that a child can look into your soul like this?


Warning, this smile may cause injury! Did no one tell her that the wind may hange and she could be stuck like that forever!


My big hair is squishing my neck


Living doll?


Thunderbirds are go, Miss Penelope.


Help, get me out of here


Gypsy Rose Lee in the making


Now this come hither look is just plain wrong. Lolita on botox?


Keep smiling, just keep smiling…

The last word has to go to Little Miss Sunshine – she’s superfreaky!!



  1. I agree that many child beauty pageants are scarily exaggerated, but most of the photos here didn’t seem bad.  The first seemed normal enough, although the second one was obviously over-painted. Numbers 4 & 5 were exquisitely beautiful and truly seemed like beautiful dolls. I don’t think that showing the natural but normally cared for beauty of a young girl is bad.  The huge amounts paid for hairdos, clothes, and particularly the sexy flirting with the judges seem to me truly repugnant.

  2. I agree with everything exept video… that was a movie don’t you know that? In my opinion that was some kind of parody of all this beuty pagents and this girl is an actress so… 🙂

  3. Your not kidding, This is sick, They dress these poor kids up and then the kids get into it and they are ruined as children, getting overly competitive and the mothers gosh they are the worst.

  4. I don’t agree. Most young pageant girls choose for themselves that they want to do this, although most people think their mothers are forcing it on them. Think about it, most all pageants have a talent portion, where girls can show off their dancing, singing, or any other skills they have. Even some boys enter pageants to show their skills. I saw one pageant where a girl named the books of the Bible, which was truly adorable. And some pageants give scholarships to really good colleges. I have pageant experience, and most things being said here about pageants is false. And look where Miss America has gotten in life! 

  5. Georgia I agree!! My daughter does them and has been since she was a baby has over 14 titles and LOVES them! She has NEVER been forced to do a pageant if she doesnt want to do one we leave and she doesnt have to do it. Not to mention these pageants above are full Glitz pageants there are tons of partial glitz and natural pageants out there. People are getting on my nerves acting like this is such a horrible thing. Its no different then a child wanting to do sports and a parent supporting them in that. Which my daughter also plays soccer and does ballet! And loves ALL OF THEM!

  6. people wonder why there are so many sexual predators out there……dont get me wrong some of the contestants are tasteful while some are not.

  7. This is not right AT ALL. A beauty pageant is not about who can look the sickess, but who can look the the beautiful while wearing NO MAKEUP.
    Their making them look sickk. I totally disagree .

  8. So your baby asked to go to the first one did she?

    Maybe not, maybe you or your partner decided to put her in the first one or two or three and because of the positive attention and time she received from you/them she fell in love with going and doing these.

    Don’t get me wrong I think for older children they can be a great way to express themselves and get lots of positive attention.

    I have the some issues with four year olds going to competitive sports. And I know ballet can be damm competitive even in the really young classes depends on the group environment.

    Don’t under estimate the influence your opinion has on your child specially a child under the age of 9.

  9. I agree children shouldn’t have this type of make up. I feel the problem is most people don’t really know that this type of make up has two main reasons for being.

    First to make the wearer look attractive to the opposite sex, and/or to make an older person look younger.

    I think we can agree this time it’s not to hide old age eye bags, skin discoloration from age or even hide the fact our lips get thinner with age.

    So that leaves attractiveness. Why did we want to be more attractive? Well as a general rule people are kinder and nicer good looking people. Studies have repeatedly shown this.

    Both sexes like big eyes, as this is hard wired into us. Ever notice that babies have huge eyes compared to the rest the face? Big hair also hits our hard wiring, note babies have big heads as do very young children. These two things make adults feel protective and soft.

    The rest is sexual attractiveness and where I have the most issue with. Pinking the lips, blushing the cheeks, eyes looking dark and luminous, all of these things give the signal of sexual arousal.

    These signals happen naturally in adults when they are sexual attracted to the person they are talking to. Blood flows to the lips and cheeks causing both to flush with more colour. Pupils dilate looking darker and more luminous.

    Do you really want your child looking like they have a sexual interest in who ever they are looking at? I know I don’t

  10. I have watched the show toddlers and tiaras on foxtel and if a child wanted to do it that badly on their own accord they would not be screaming and kicking up a fuss I have seen a few mothers that let their children choose what outfit and what make up the children want to wear which is actually letting them decide!! I think the pageant world is for mothers who aren’t pretty enough them selves to do it so they force their children!!

  11.  This kind of “talent competitions” teach children that there is nothing important than appearance.
    Well, what could make-up producing companies be against it? (For example.) And those housewives-mothers have some activity now. Ha-ha. :/
    These competitions are competitions and these children are too young for them!

  12. I’m sorry, but I have seen many different shows and documentaries on these sorts of things. Most of the time (not all though), it is a parent pushing their child to do it. I don’t think it’s wrong to hav a beauty pageant. But I don’t think this is beauty. This is fake. They don’t look like little girls; they look like dolls. It’s not right. The girls have fake teeth, fake eyelashes, tons of makeup, extensions, etc. Last I checked, that wasn’t true beauty.

  13. You are fu**g stupid. …… Most pageant girls choose for themselves .. ??? Wtf. If the mother wouldent do this shows, then the children would play normal like the other normal children.
    And look where Miss America has gotten in life ??

    miss america is a joke in life.

  14. I don’t see how you can sit here and talk about how wrong this is for little girls and such when you make fun of them for the way they look. you don’t realize not all mom’s are doing this for themselves sometimes the little girls actually want to complete. I think you’re ignorant and a bigot.

  15. Old slut moms that want to turn their daughters in to sluts and the youngest age possible to try and help justify to themselves how they have always been sluts. Kind of like why a pothead, druggy mom will start smoking weed with her kis and turn them into a stoner.
    There is nothing right about this.

  16. i will dress my little girl up in cute dresses ones similiar to the pink tutu one and teach her how to put makeup on 🙂 but not to this extent of making them look like little hoes

  17. I honestly see nothing wrong with it. It’s only dirty if you have a messed up mind. If the kids want to do it, let them. But as far as the mom’s go. They should not push their daughters into this. Allow the kids to do what they want. If the mom’s were not as pushy. I think the competitions would be alot more fun.

    I shamefully admit, after sitting with my wife, for the first time. Watching abby lee’s ultimate dance competition. I enjoyed it. It’s nice to see kids have some productive outlet, instead of doing drugs and thinking about sex.

    Give kids something to do, and they will stay out of trouble. That’s my thinking.

  18. Yes, let’s plan on really disappointing them and ruining their already damaged perception of themselves by thinking they can attain Miss America. That’s as bad as a dad forcing a kid to play a sport they suck at telling him he can play professionally someday. Odds are NOT in their favor.
    Why is it they make them look like adults whores? Why not just kids with talent and natural kid cuteness? If a mom can’t see this as an issue, they have an issue.
    Make up like this should be banned. If the kid is cute and has talent, they don’t need to dress up looking 35 years old.
    It’s like a show with pedophiles in mind as the target audience.

  19. Pervs must LOVE this stuff! This is VERY close to child abuse, unless it has already crossed the line!


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