The Rise of Women in Gambling

For as long as any form of gambling has been around, it’s always been a male dominated industry. Games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and Baccarat are popular among guys who apply strategies to enhance the odds of winning, and since the regular housewife stayed at home while men went out to meet friends for gambling, not many women knew the games, never mind playing them or working out strategies.

Over the last 30 or so years, many things have changed when it comes to the role expected for women. In fact, as many would explain it, men and women are now on the same level, not only career wise, but with hobbies and interest as well. Therefore, the rise of women in gambling has been huge over the last few years, not only on the casino floor and at online casinos, but on a professional level as well.

Historically, male-focused gambling has carried over into the online gambling domain as well.  Looking at the vast array of top online casinos and you will generally see the design and feel to be male dominated. But over the last couple of years there has been a trend to design more gender neutral casinos and even open female specific online casinos, with Platinum Play or Queen Vegas being good examples. To get a feel for what these online casinos look and play like take a look at this Canadian overview site here.

Today, walking into any land-based casino and having a look around might still feature a division between men and women. Many ladies prefer video slots with bright entertaining themes that offer a simplistic gaming interface with winnings that exceed anyone’s expectations. Men on the other hand, seem to prefer serious games, such as Poker, Roulette, or other table games.

Many would consider table games to be the “professional gambler’s” game, which is attractive to men as it shows a level of experience, even though some would much rather play slot games.

In recent years though, the gambling world has seen a behavioural shift in gaming among women as many took on professional gambling with popular “men’s games” such as Poker. As many would know, the world of professional Poker remains a male dominated game, and let’s face it, to those who are successful, the rewards aren’t half-bad either. Professional Canadian casino players such as Daniel Negreanu have been involved with Poker for many years and have an impressive 6 World Series wins behind his name.

The world of professional Poker is a great example of the rise of women in gambling as professionals such as Isabelle Marcier and Evelyn Ng have shown great success in World Poker.

Let’s take a closer look at these ladies in gambling

Isabelle Marcier

Marcier was born in Quebec on the 5th of August 1975. After school she studied law, completing an undergraduate degree and practicing commercial law for 6 months. She then moved to France to complete her masters, and while there she worked as a Poker room manager at Aviation Club de France, during which she was nominated twice for Staff Person of the Year by European Poker Awards.

Her professional poker careen kicked off in 2002 where she finished in second place in a €800 no limit game, start off her career with a $53,499 win. Over the course of her career she managed to finish “in the money” at 3 WSOP (World Series of Poker). In 2009, she claimed her second biggest win of $115,000 by finishing third in the Sunday Millions event at PokerStars. In total, the professional Poker played has won over $1.2 million in tournaments (as of 2015).

Evelyn Ng

Evelyn Ng is yet another Canadian born professional Poker player that was born on the 14th of September 1975. In her early days, Evelyn started her gambling career as a pool hustler at age 14, and moved on to be a dealer for Poker and Blackjack games at age 17 in Toronto.

Her professional career didn’t start until 2003 when she made a name for herself at the “Ladies Night” World Poker Tour where she finished well ahead of professional players such as Jennifer Harman, Annie Duke, and Kathy Liebert. Evelyn’s career remained active in the background while she appeared on many TV shows as a poker player, including Kings of Vegas, and Criss Angel Mindfreak. The professional player has managed to rack up an impressive $375,000 in tournament winnings as of 2010.

The world of professional casino players has seen a much bigger influence by women, making it clear that gambling is no longer just for men. There are many forms of gambling that women have taken on professionally, including Roulette, Blackjack, and more. It’s fair to assume the future of gambling is sure to include many more professional women, especially games that include skill, such as Poker, where women are gaining more confidence.


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