Redecorate Your Apartment Without Going Broke With These 6 Tips

Decorating your apartment is easy when you have plenty of money, but few of us find ourselves rowing that regal boat. Instead, we’re often forced to do more with less, which too often means settling for a living space that doesn’t quite meet our expectations.

While it’s true that unlimited resources make for easier decorating, so long as you exercise good taste, spend money wisely, and take your time finding the right items with which to decorate, there’s no reason you can’t decorate your apartment beautifully and be frugal at the same time. Here are six ways to redecorate your apartment that will keep you well within your means.

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1. Paint Your Trim

Painting your apartment is a great way to give it a rejuvenating facelift, but sometimes, you’re too pinched for cash to buy the paint you’ll need to ensure it looks fantastic. If you find yourself wishing you could spruce up your walls, but you’ve only got enough money to buy a gallon of paint or two, don’t despair.

Get yourself a high-quality paint brush and some painter’s tape, and set about repainting your trim. A bright, white trim painted in a semi-gloss or glossy sheen will do wonders to freshen up your space. If you use a high-gloss finish, be sure to use a sanding sponge before your final coat to get the finish extra smooth.

2. The Beauty of Rugs

Whether you dream of shiny, completely refinished hardwood floors or you just need to add some color to your living room or dining area, a beautiful area rug makes a great investment that will last years.

Not only will it change the feel of whatever space you place it in, but it will dampen noise, and if you need it to, it can be used to cover stains, nicks, or other problems on your current floor.

3. Let Your Pillows Talk

Buying new pillows or re-covering old ones is a great way to transform the color scheme and mood throughout your apartment.

Go bright and bold in your bedroom to offset a more neutral bedspread and walls. Pick warm, earthy tones for a living room or couch with vibrant, loud colors. If you have a monochromatic décor, opt for pillows that come in a single color with varying hues to create a contemporary two-tone look.

Whatever you choose, let your pillows complement or complete your current décor, and your apartment will feel like a brand-new space.

4. The Decorating Devil’s in the Details

Elegantly rendered details can give your redecorating efforts a major boost, and because details really can be small, you won’t need to spend a lot to pull off what will feel like a big change. Wallpaper inside built-in bookshelves with brightly patterned paper you bought on sale. Scour secondhand stores for unique, one-of-a-kind plates and hang as many as 20 of them on one wall.

Buy artificial lawn scraps from a local supplier and use it as a runner on your coffee or dining room table. Get creative about altering inexpensive details within your apartment, and your redecorating scheme will revitalize how you feel in your space in addition to how it looks.

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5. Let Your Lights Shine

One of the best ways to enliven your apartment is to change out some light fixtures, add candlelight, or use Christmas lights in out-of-season ways. A brazenly designed light fixture can remake your dining room or bedroom, and gentle tea lights in the bathroom or on a hall table will make guests feel cozy and warm when they arrive after dark. String Christmas lights across piano tops and mantles or around mirrors or picture windows. Transform your lighting, and you’ll transform your space.

6. The Wisdom and Charm of Secondhand

Of course, every time you set out to save money, buying what you need secondhand is incredibly helpful. Check the thrift stores, Habitat for Humanity ReStores, garage sales, Craigslist ads, and flea markets in your area for items and ideas. If you’re patient and diligent, you’ll find plenty of what you need to remake your apartment and steer clear of overspending.

Have your cake and eat it, too, by redecorating your apartment on a budget. From making use of secondhand goods to painting your trim and focusing on details, you can change your space without feeling a financial pinch.




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