Real or Online Love: How to Find a More Suitable Variant Exactly for You

Humans are born with free will. Most people never think about it, but that’s an amazing power. It means you are in charge of your life. You can choose what to do, who to do it with.

That freedom of choice is present in love, too, especially today. You can choose between real love and online love. Today you’re going to realize which one suits you better.

Real Love +-

To make things clear, online love can be real too. We’ll use this term because it’s easy to understand, but by real love, we mean love that is happening in the real world, in person.

Like everything in life, real love has positive and negative sides. Let’s take a closer look. We’ll start with the pros.

Real Love – Pros

Pros of real love are obvious. You can meet with your partner in person. You can go on a date. Hold hands, have long romantic walks. If you’re lucky enough to find real love, you’ll feel like you’re a star of a 90s romantic comedy. Laughter, kisses, and rainbows will follow you wherever you go. Couples that meet in person first and start with real love usually have interesting “how we met stories”. Those are always popular at parties and double dates. Whoala! One more benefit of real love – you can go on double dates. You can go to all sorts of events as a couple and save yourself from the embarrassment of coming alone.

But, let’s be real; the biggest benefit of real love is in the fact that you can touch each other. Shy glances or passionate staredowns will lead to physical activity, and you’ll feel like your body is burning from inside in a good way. Psychologists agree that sex is crucial for mental health. Doctors know for a long time that sex has a very positive impact on humans health overall. So meeting in person (and follow-ups) are positive sides of real love. Let’s check out its negative sides.

Real Love – Cons

It may surprise you, but the biggest benefit of real love is its most important flaw. Meeting in person can lead to numerous problems. Let’s start with problems for your safety. Most of the time, people don’t know their new date before they start going out. Across from you in Starbucks can sit a total psycho whose only desire is to have sex with you while he recites the Egyptian Book of Death. Even if your new partner seems perfectly normal at first, there can be some dirt hiding beneath that mask. Some people show their true selves after years of living together. That can lead to the destruction of everything you’ve been working for and the crushing of your future dreams.

Real love is great because you can meet and have sex. While sex is the best activity in the world, it’s very dangerous. You can’t get any STD online, but your private parts are like a buffet for them in person. That means you have to be careful at every step of real love. Meeting, living, having fun. A lot of risks to take. But if you win, you win big time.

Online Love +-

Opposite to real love stands online love. It’s not fair to call it just online love; it can be real too. Love knows no boundaries. But you have to know the positive and negative sides of online love before you can decide if it is your cup of tea or not.

Online Love – Cons

If you’re going to keep your love online, you’ll never meet in person. That means no sex, no regular dates, not being a couple in the conventional meaning. Being fine with never meeting your partner is one thing, but never knowing your partner is the next level. Catfishing used to be very popular. Today dating sites have better security, but joining an online dating site means you’re ready to take the risk. There are numerous guides on spotting fake dating profiles that might reduce that risk.

Online love is still not that popular, so if you decide to go for it (and speak publicly about it), you’ll face some stereotypes. Some people might mock you for using nerds’ way to find love. Some might think there is something wrong with you. If you think you can’t take any of that, online love won’t help you.

Online Love – Pros

On the other hand, if you’re willing to give up on physical contact, you can get a lot from online love. First of all, – there are no boundaries online. Did you want to date singles from every continent? With online dating, you can. You can meet people worldwide and grow as human beings by learning about their cultures. Online love is great because you can go on a date even if weather conditions aren’t nice outside (or some crazy virus is hunting everybody). Just open your laptop or mobile phone app and start having fun with your partner.

The thing that makes online love attractive to millions of people is that it is much cheaper than real love. Yes, one shouldn’t put a price tag on love, but money is a big factor in everybody’s life. Dating sites have paid memberships, but they are still peanuts compared to all the expenses couples in real love have. Dinners, rents, trips, and so on. Who can afford all of that? To wrap this up, the pros of online love are: it’s affordable, it’s easy to maintain relationships, and you can date whoever you want.

Whatever you decide, joining an interracial hookup site will help clarify your priorities. It will give you an understanding of how important real dating is for you at the moment. Or how irrelevant it is for your situation. The same will happen with online dating. You’ll taste the beauty of dating people online and maybe fall in love with online love. If you do – great. If you don’t – still great. At least you’ll know what suits you the best.