Quirky Holiday Ideas to Consider this Summer

Summer is almost very nearly here and, if you haven’t got your plans sorted, what are you waiting for? The sun isn’t going to be here forever, so you need to get your act together and book your summer holiday sooner rather than later!

Sun, sea and sand are many peoples idea of the perfect summer vacation, however, some prefer to chase down something a little bit different, something that is out of the ordinary, something that just screams eccentricity. These are for those of whom that seek out adventure over the laidback, excitement over relaxation and thrills over the phlegmatic.

Here, we present to you some ideas that you may not have already considered for your summer holiday.

Caravan Paradise

Now put any preconceptions you had when you first saw the word ‘caravan’ pop up on your screen – we guarantee you that they are wrong. Very wrong, in fact. Caravanning doesn’t mean staying in a cramped bucket of rust that keeps in about as much heat as an open window. If you see you the right holiday home for your vacation, you can find yourself staying in a caravan that can rival any luxury hotel room you spent longingly browsing through the image gallery at.

If you decide to stay in a caravan park, you can benefit from a wide range of facilities already on your doorstep, not to mention a full program of entertainment for you to enjoy. If you are travelling on a budget and simply looking for somewhere you can enjoy equal parts fun and relaxation, the caravan like might be for you. Remember, there is a right and a wrong way to caravan.

Walking Holidays

If you want a truly authentic experience on your summer holidays then why not opt for a walking holiday? Hiking through an otherwise unknown destination will not only take you to all of the most popular attractions, but you will see so much more than the tourist hotspots.

For example, New York is full of tourist favourites such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Times Square, but beyond that is the New York that only local residents truly know. When you scratch beneath the surface, you find an extra layer that you never knew was there.

Walking holidays, though, are better taken in locations with fantastic country views. We are talking more about the Scottish countryside as opposed to London’s array of public transport. If nothing else, you won’t have to worry about working off any holiday weight you may put on…you will be kept active!

Stay in a Treehouse

Remember that treehouse that you always wanted when you was young? Well now you can live your dream by staying in an actual treehouse! There are many places in the UK that offer treehouse accommodation to suit parties of between two and four adults hidden away in the woods, close to some of the most historic towns in the country.

On top of the simple awesome fact that you will literally be sleeping in a treehouse, many providers will also throw in a hot tub and sauna that you can utilise during your stay. If this isn’t the perfect way to bring out your inner child, then we really don’t know what is.

Go Where the Weather is…Cold?

Most holidaymakers hop on the plane chasing the sun, but what if your sights aren’t set on topping up your tan? What if you are just as happy, if not happier, rocking your big thick winter coat as you gaze upon the Northern Lights in Iceland, or living it up in Amsterdam or Munich which, while known for their active nightlife, aren’t known for the sun.

Alternatively, winter Christmas markets do make for fantastic getaways at the festive time of year. Prague and Vienna, in particular, are noted as being two of the top cities to visit if a Christmas market is something that interests you. London, of course, boasts its own Winter Wonderland each year – while Oxford Street is always awash with keen shoppers and tourists – but it’s not a patch on either Prague or Vienna. If you have been, you will be in full agreement.

After all, if all holidaymakers spent their summers chasing the sun, they probably wouldn’t elect to stay in the United Kingdom like many do!

Wherever you decide to go this summer, make sure to have fun! Summer doesn’t last for long and, before you know it, the temperature will drop and the rain cloud will return.


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