Putting your kids on the paleo diet

If you are aware of the Paleo diet, which I am pretty sure you are by now, then you would know why the big talk about it all over the place. You know how necessary and beneficial it is for a healthy lifestyle. You must be planning to start following it as a daily routine. If you know how good it is and if you agree that it is quite a misfortune that you got to know about it so late in life, then you would agree if it is said that your kids should also be put on the Paleo diet. Knowing how much it can do well to you, how can keep your kids off from it?

kids on the paleo diet
Image Source : http://www.livestrong.com/article/411825-paleo-diet-children/

At this point we need not go about with the long list of benefits the Paleo diet provides. One major feature of the diet which can be a boon to kids is that it ups the energy levels by a great deal and in a nutritious way. However, the problem is to convince the kids about this diet and get them to follow it. It is more difficult since the diet would forbid the kids from eating chocolates, cookies, wafers and the many processed foods they generally love hogging on. But you as a parent must think of ways to get them on the health track sooner than later.

The need is to convince them of how good the diet is – both in the results as well as in taste. In the case of kids, compulsion will never work. The more you force the more they will drift away from it. Moreover, you can not make them eat something they really do not like. As you try introducing this diet in their life, go slow on it. Start with some small amounts of fruits, berries, nuts and salads along with their daily food. As they start developing a taste for it, start increasing the proportion of Paleo food compared to the unwanted foods. Your child should appreciate your effort and the food in order to be on it forever.

It is very important that you experiment with various food items to create snacks, crisps, salads, meat dishes and smoothies which they would enjoy. You can try making healthy snack bars using nuts, dry fruits and honey. You can also try out different snacks by combining eggs, veggies and fruits. Making delicious smoothies is another possible favorite. With yummy fruits, healthy eggs and honey you can make tasty cool smoothies for your kids to gulp down after school or play.

One important tool to encourage kids is to follow the diet yourself, strictly. As the diet will affect you the kids will notice the change and get inspired to pay heed to your efforts. Also, as said before, do not force them into it. Similarly, do not ban them from eating non Paleo foods all of a sudden. This has to be done gradually, introducing the various Paleo veg. and non veg. items to them and deleting the non Paleo items from their diet. The change process should be smooth and favorable.

Doing all this will take some efforts from your end. But as a good and responsible parent you would know how important it is to be done. After all, it is all for your kids’ future and good life.


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