Problems With Vinyl Wall Art Stickers And How to Avoid Them

Vinyl wall art sticker Industry is growing day by day and introducing breathtaking designs. Long ago, wall art stickers weren’t much to talk about as far as home decorating items were concerned, but today, they are widely used due to several reasons.

They are very popular and are not only used to decorate home and offices, but also to promote businesses.

While they are generally very easy to apply, there can at times be some issues when using vinyl stickers. These problems are minute but can become much bigger if they aren’t approached in the right manner and adjusted in time.

Here are a few problems that you might come across when you apply vinyl wall art stickers:

Formation Of Bubbles On the Sticker

Vinyl stickers are very easy to apply if you follow the instructions carefully. However, sometimes, you may see bubbles on the sticker. This happens when the surface is not flat, and there is air under the sticker or when there is dirt on the surface that prevents the sticker from sticking properly.

Exposure to heat or water is another reason for these bubbles to appear. Make sure to clean the surface and dry it before you apply vinyl stickers.

They Won’t Stick Properly On The Wall

Very rarely, a vinyl sticker may fail to stick to a wall. There may be a few reasons for that. The application tape which keeps the adhesive material in good condition is damaged. This mostly happens when when vinyl stickers are separated from the application tape but are not stuck immediately.

The adhesive material sure is strong enough to get the sticker stick to the wall firmly but due to keeping the sticker exposed for a long time may weaken its capability to stick. Therefore, make sure you remove the application tape only when you are ready to apply the sticker.

Another reason which might make things complicated is choosing the wrong surface. Now, vinyl stickers only do good on surfaces which are flat. When you try to apply them on uneven surfaces or textured walls, they might not stick and even if they do, they won’t look good. So, make sure that you choose a wall with a flat surface.

Difficult To Apply In Winters

Vinyl stickers are self adhesive as they have a gluey substance on their backs which helps them to stick quickly. However, it can be a bit daunting to apply them in winters. This is because cold can affect a sticker’s adhesive abilities.

To avoid having such problems, warm up the backside of the sticker with a dryer before applying it. However, make sure to control the amount of heat a sticker is exposed to as over exposure may damage a sticker.


The best way to avoid any problem regarding vinyl stickers is to follow the instructions properly. Being careful will not only help you avoid issues, but may also add to a sticker’s life.


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