Why Private Jet Chartering Will Become More Popular in the Near Future

Chartering a private jet is considered the pinnacle of luxury, but this glamorous form of transportation could become a lot more accessible and popular in the near future. It has always been associated with the rich and famous, but this will soon be opened up to a whole new world of travelers thanks to the fast rise of new services that can make private jet chartering much more affordable.

New Services

Currently, private jet chartering is becoming increasingly more popular with businesses and it is easy to see this spreading into leisure travel in the near future. Apps and companies have been set up that offer a range of different services, all making private jet chartering easier and cheaper than ever. This includes subscription services where a flat monthly fee is paid and then the company can use a private jet as often as they like (particularly useful for those that regularly arrange business travel), whilst others have an Uber-like model where you can book on demand flights.

Empty Leg Flights

One key way that private jet chartering will become more accessible and popular in the near future is through empty leg flights. This is where a private jet has been booked just one way, allowing the return flight seats to be sold to the public at much more affordable prices through companies like Victor. You do not get the flexibility of choosing a destination or time of departure, but it is an affordable way for people to experience flying in a private jet. This is something that many people dream of doing and many would jump at the chance to experience this even if they do not pick where they are going.


Another way that it will become more popular is through memberships and flight sharing. This is where members of a club can book a private jet and share the remaining seats with fellow members. You do not get complete privacy as you will be flying with strangers, but it is still a great and affordable way to experience this luxury form of transportation.

Currently, these services are available and mainly used by businesses, but it is easy to see this becoming increasingly more affordable in the near future as more and more companies and services become available. What was once considered a form of transportation exclusively for the rich and famous could soon be much more accessible and something that more people than ever can experience.


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