Prescribed to Addiction: 5 Painkiller Addiction Signs to Look Out For

Painkillers are among the most commonly misused prescription medications. And they account for thousands of deaths each year mainly because most people who have this form of addiction aren’t able to identify the signs that there’s a problem.

In this guide, we’ll go over some painkiller addiction signs you need to be aware of. So, keep reading for more information.

Painkiller Addiction Signs

Painkiller addiction often starts off very innocent. A person is injured or has a surgery and before they know what’s happened, they have a problem that requires treatment.

Here are some signs that a painkiller habit has gotten out of control:

  1. You Don’t Take the Prescribed Amount

Going against a doctor’s orders when taking painkillers is a huge warning sign of addiction that you shouldn’t ever ignore. And it can occur in a few different ways.

Here are some examples:

  • You’re taking more than the directed amount at once
  • You take your medication more often than you were told to
  • You take small doses here and there in order to enjoy larger doses later on

This habit of making changes to your dosages are often explained away with statements like “My doctor doesn’t give me enough pills for my pain.”

Making it seem like it’s the doctor who is in the wrong or inexperienced it often an addict’s way of making it seem like they’re in control.

  1. You Have More Than One Doctor

If you are going to doctors that are known for over-prescribing medications or you’re telling lies such as you lost your previous prescription, you’re probably in the beginning stages of a painkiller addiction.

The purpose here is to have a large supply of pills on hand so that you never run out. But the issue is, these prescriptions are lower dosages for short amounts of time for a reason.

It becomes dangerous when you take large amounts of painkillers for extended periods of time.

  1. You Are Becoming Defensive or Angry

Your close friends or family can notice a substance abuse problem even before you do. If you become defensive or angry when they express concern, you’re already in too deep.

In fact, one of the biggest indicators of whether a person should seek treatment is how angry they become when it’s suggested that they have a problem. If this is you, this website can help you with finding help.

  1. You’ve Gone Through Changes

A painkiller addiction can change some of your personality traits, the way you take care of yourself, or the way you feel physically. These are all signs that something is wrong:

  • You sleep more than you used to
  • You’ve been feeling nervous or jittery
  • You’re moody or even depressed

Another major sign is that you’ve been less responsible. For instance, maybe you stopped paying bills on time, your ignoring your children, or have taken several sick days from work.

  1. You’re Getting Pills Illegally

There are many methods a person will use to obtain painkillers outside of their regular prescription. This is mostly done as not to raise any red flags with a doctor.

Some of the ways you might be getting your pills are by purchasing them on the street or an online pharmacy, stealing pills from an injured friend, and stealing a prescription pad from your doctor.

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If you are displaying any of the above painkiller addiction signs, it’s important to seek help right away. This addiction can quickly spiral out of control into a fatal health problem.

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