Piers Morgan Quits America’s Got Talent: Who Should Replace Him?

So Piers Morgan is leaving America’s Got Talent. I am both surprised and pleased to hear the news. I am not a Piers Morgan fan. Simon Cowell is arrogant, opinionated and often crosses the line between cruelty and criticism but he legitimately has an eye for talent. I often find myself agreeing with Simon’s feedback, even if I only agree reluctantly. Piers is also arrogant, opinionated and also often crosses the line between cruelty and criticism, but the man has no idea what talent is. There were very few times I agreed with the man and when I did, it was almost always on something he liked.

J. Chris Newberg and Geechy Guy proved Piers just has no sense of humor. Both were incredibly talented comedians who cracked me up every time they took the stage and both were relentlessly picked apart by Piers. I understand British humor often differs from American humor but I like to think that as a Canadian, I have a good appreciation for both. Piers doesn’t seem to have either. J. Chris was not only one of my favorite comedians of the season but is perhaps one of my favorite comedians ever. It stunned me that Piers didn’t get him.


Steven Retchless. Good heavens. That man did things on that stage I never imagined possible. I fell in love with Steven during his audition and each performance just made me love him more. He pushed the boundaries of dance. He showed the world that male pole dancing is a legitimate art form. He blew my mind. Piers hated him. His criticism of Steven rarely had anything to do with Steven’s obvious talent because it was damn hard to argue that kind of talent. Because of that, Piers came across as petty, insecure and impossibly small-minded. For that reason, I’m thrilled to hear of his plans to vacate the judge’s seat and would like to offer my humble suggestions for his replacement.

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10: Ryan Murphy

Known now primarily as the creator of Glee and American Horror Story, it’s sometimes hard to remember that he also has a hand in a little reality competition show called The Glee Project. The guy knows how to spot talent and is notoriously tough on the people he works with. I think he’d bring the honest the show needs to succeed, the biting wit it thrives on but could also help the contestants improve. The only question is whether or not he would have time. I’m thinking with Glee and American Horror Storyalone, the answer would be no. That’s the only reason he’s so low on this list.

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09:  Kanye West

Yeah, I know. He probably wouldn’t do it but that’s really a shame. I think he’d do an absolutely awesome job. He’s gutsy and he’s honest. He’s not afraid to say things that will offend people and in all honesty, I really think that could help the show in the ratings department. People would tune in just to see what Kanye was up to and might even like the show enough to start voting.

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08: Howard Stern

I don’t think Howard would agree to it in a million years, but I think he’d be great for the show. First of all, he’d bring in a whole new audience. Second, he’s the kind of guy that would give scathing criticisms but not just for the sake of criticizing. He’d be able to help the contestants progress and improve. Aside from that, a decent controversy is often good for business and I’m sure you could count on Howard for a little of that from time to time.

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07: Cher

Cher has never been one to back down from voicing her opinion making her an excellent choice to take Piers’ seat on AGT. She also has the show business clout to be taken seriously by the contestants. This is a woman who knows what it takes to succeed in the industry. Her experience would also help her offer advice the contestants could actually use to improve their performances. Plus, Cher has had a wildly successful career in Vegas which fits well with the show as the grand prize is a show in Vegas.

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06: Tom Jones

Who better to help choose a big Vegas act than Mr. Vegas himself, Tom Jones? He’s classy. He’s a bit cheesy. He’s also a freaking Las Vegas legend. I think he knows exactly what it takes to succeed in that sort of environment and he could offer contestants insights few others could. It would also be hard for the contestants to accuse Tom of not knowing what he’s talking about. The man knows Vegas. I don’t think anyone could argue with that.

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05: Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is funny but he’s also incredibly intelligent and insightful. He would bring a touch of class to a show that is often very classless. Unlike Piers, I think Bill would offer constructive criticism to the contestants meant to shape them and help them become the best performers they could be. I can’t imagine he’s offer the sort of snarky one liners Piers came up with and I think the show needs that. I think he’d bring something different and unique to the table which is what makes him an awesome choice.

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04: John Travolta

John Travolta appeals to a wide range of people so I think he’d be great for the show ratings wise. In addition, he’s a legend in Hollywood. He’s a well rounded, seasoned performer who could offer advice the contestants could really benefit from. John is also ridiculously likable. He has a smile that could light a room on fire and I think that easy charisma would work really well with Howie and Sharon. Of course, that would leave the judge’s panel without the bad guy, but I think that could work in the show’s favor. It would be a kinder, gentler talent competition show which could really set it apart from the pack. Would he do it? Probably not which is a real shame as I think he’d be fantastic.

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03: Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes’ appearance as a guest judge on So You Think You Can Danceshowed us that she has what it takes to be a judge. She might not always offer biting criticism and I’m sure the eliminations would be tough for her, but I think she’s strong and mature enough to handle it. She also has plenty of experience in the industry which I think is incredibly important. It’s much easier to take criticism from someone who actually has the credentials to back up what they say.

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02:  Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy may be out as the host of the Oscars but does that mean we can’t have him on our television screens? I don’t think so. With his big comeback movie not really doing as well as expected at the box office and his big Oscar gig down the drain, I think America’s Got Talentwould be a great opportunity for him to get back in the spotlight. I also happen to think he’d make a great judge. He’s funny but I don’t think he’s incapable of being serious. Eddie has had some pretty major ups and down in his career, but I think taking Piers’ seat could get him back on the comeback trail and would give the show a while new feel. Plus, I think he and Howie would work well off each other. Poor Sharon, though.

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01: Kid Rock

Yes, I’m entirely serious. I don’t like Kid Rock as a rule but I think he’s outspoken and honest enough to fill Piers shoes perfectly. He would bring a whole new dynamic to the judge’s panel but I really think it would work. He’s funny. He’s gutsy and as much as I hate to admit it, he’s talented. You might have a hard time keeping him away from the attractive female contestants but aside from that, I think he’d be the perfect fit for the show and as Steven Tyler proved with American Idol, rockers can make awesome judges.


Who do you think should take Piers’ spot at the judges table? Are you going to miss him or are you looking forward to seeing America’s Got Talent without him? Sound off in the comments section below!


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