What to Pay Attention to When Buying a Motorcycle?

If a person wants to become a motorcyclist, then it is important for him to understand what his first bike will be, whether he wants to buy a pre-owned transport or he is ready to pay more and buy a new one. So for you to make the right choice, let’s take a look at expert tips on how to choose a motorcycle and what to pay attention to when buying.

How to Choose the First Motorcycle?

Experts say that it is best to start with small motorcycles. Although they can not develop high speed, they will not gather momentum quickly if the person steps on the gas. Otherwise, there is a chance to check into the hospital. Apart from rv vin lookup and check, this is perhaps the most important tip for beginners who want to know how to choose their first bike.

Also, experienced bikers do not recommend buying the most expensive models right away. It is more reasonable to start with less costly bikes. This advice is quite simple to explain: novice motorcyclists often fall, which may damage expensive equipment. Therefore, it is highly recommended to learn how to ride a motorcycle first, and only afterwards to buy an expensive model.

Options for a Beginner

The first thing to look for is the engine capacity. If you are not a seasoned biker, then it is not worth choosing a model with high power. To begin with, it is necessary to purchase a motorcycle that is easy in management. It would be enough to go with a model with engine volume about 0,4 litres.

The weight of the transport is another important criterion. In order to cope with a heavy bike, you will need to have not only experience, but also physical strength. So it is better to choose lightweight models.

Before buying a motorcycle, the magazine The New York Times recommends you to decide what you are taking it for. Firstly, where will you ride your motorcycle? Do you have experience in driving around the city/ town or on a bad dirt road? If you are not experienced in all these things, then a sportbike is not your choice. In case you want to travel a lot and to cover long distances, we strongly recommend you to choose motorcycles with a comfortable seat.

You can choose a bike without reading all its technical characteristics, operating standards, and gasoline consumption. Instead, you can go to seasoned bikers and ask them for advice. No one else will be able to provide you with all the information about a specific model.

Basic Rules to Follow

When choosing a motorcycle, try to follow the basic rules:

  • Possibility to lift a motorcycle from the ground (without help);
  • When stopping a motorcycle, you should be able to stand your feet on the ground;
  • You should stay comfortable on a motorcycle seat for a long time;
  • You should like a motorcycle and feel comfortable with it (perhaps the most important thing).

Choose Classics
In our opinion, it is the classics that are the best choice for a novice biker. Such models allow for a convenient vertical landing and, as a rule, provide high overall comfort. The steering wheel of classic motorcycles is not particularly different from the pedal cycle, and in terms of management, everything is quite easy here. In addition, the classic models usually have a minimum of fragile plastic, which is very important for beginners.

The choice of classic motorcycles is quite extensive and depends on your budget. Among the models of the middle-price category, which will be a good choice for you, the best ones are:

  • Honda CB400;
  • Yamaha FAZER 400 (FZ400);
  • Suzuki Bandit 400;
  • Yamaha XJR 400.


Do not approach the purchase of a motorcycle as a usual trip to the store; it is a very responsible process. You should clearly understand what motorcycle you are looking for and adequately assess its capabilities. Remember that it is not difficult to choose a motorcycle for a beginner. It is much more difficult to become a professional rider. Good luck!


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