Is Your Partner Secretly Calling Another Woman?

The evolution within the mobile device industry has resulted in many of us becoming positively addicted to our smartphones. This is because it is like carrying out a little PC in the palm of your hand, as you can do everything from go online and communicate with friends through to stream content, take videos and photos, and, of course, text and call.

A lot of people spend a huge amount of time on their phone, and perhaps this is something that your partner has always done. However, if his habits have changed while using the phone or if he uses the phone a lot more than he used to, it could be that is he secretly calling or messaging another woman. While this is certainly not the case with all men that use their phones a lot, if you already have suspicions about his fidelity then it could be something that is worth investigating.

While you should pay attention to any sudden changes in your husband’s behavior to give you an idea of whether he might be cheating, one thing it is worth paying particular attention to is his phone usage habits. You may notice a change in the way he uses his phone when sending texts – for instance, he may sit in a position that ensures you are not able to see what he is typing or who he is messaging. He might decide that he is going to put a lock on his phone in case you gain access to it even though he was never bothered about that in the past.

Another thing you may notice him doing is making secretive calls and receiving calls, which he then goes out of the room to take. If you see him disappear to the bathroom and lock the door with his phone on him, it may be worth just creeping to the door to see if you can hear him on the phone to anyone. You can also ask him who is calling if he gets a call and then goes out of the room to talk. Sometimes he may simply not answer his phone for no apparent reason. If you suspect he may be getting calls from another woman, you can use the reverse phone lookup app to find out who it is.  If it is not the person who he said it was when you asked, you already know that he is lying.

Nobody likes having to sneak around to find out whether their partner might be cheating on them, as it means that there is lack of trust in the relationship. Sometimes, this lack of trust is totally justified because it may turn out that he has been cheating. However, in some cases it is not justified and you have the horror of realizing that you have been suspecting him and possibly even accused him when there were no grounds for it. Unfortunately, this is part and parcel of trying to find out where you stand.


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