Out of the Ordinary Family Holidays

For most families, the annual holiday involves packing up everything but the kitchen sink and escaping somewhere family-friendly such as Majorca or Turkey for a week (and no doubt returning slightly frazzled, albeit with a nice tan.) Unless of course you happen to be married to Richard Branson! In that case it’s more like jumping on a private Virgin Atlantic Jet (Or Virgin Galactic even one day soon) and flying off to the private island or moon! However, some parents want something a bit less “ordinary” and off the beaten track. But is this really wise with kids in tow? And what are the options for those who dream of the unknown, of something other than your typical Virgin Atlantic flight to Florida? How crazy can you (should you) get with small people to consider!?

I thought I’d investigate should I ever get the urge to deviate from the norm.

1) USA Ranch

Take the kids to learn to ride like a cowboy on a ranch holiday in the USA. The whole family gets to stay on a ranch in, say, Montana, and experience the stunning scenery and wildlife as well as learn to ride horses.


2) Alaska

Take a cruise to Alaska to spot whales and dolphins.Kids will love the glaciers and endless forests, impressive mountains and little villages, whales and bears!


3) Volunteering

Family volunteering holidays are a great way for kids to see unique destinations, experience new cultures and see parts of the world the children may never learn about at school.


4)  Lighthouse

A stay in a lighthouse is sure to be a hit with the little ones, if not just for the tales to tell their friends! One original lighthouse has been converted to become Britain’s first self-contained holiday let – set inside an eight-storey lighthouse tower and with great views of Somerset.


5) Canal

A break on a canal is another option for those wanting something a bit different. The canals and rivers in this country stretch for over 2,000 miles through some of the finest countryside imaginable and kids will love the novelty value of their temporary home!


6) USA Coast to Coast

A coast to coast drive in the USA is also a great idea and chance for the whole family to see this vast country in all its glory.


7) Cooking

A family cooking holiday is also a really unusual way to see some of the world and pick up new skills. Often families head to France, Thailand or India for this kind of experience.


8) Diving

A diving course might be a great idea for a break, but only if the kids are already competent swimmers! Egypt and the Maldives are popular destinations.


9) Safari

Going on a safari holiday must be up there as one of the greatest experiences for any family.


10) The World Trip

Simply pack up and head around the world – educational and life-changing for all concerned!



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