Office Styling Tips For Working Women

The ‘what to wear’ dilemma is a genuine conundrum many women face first thing in the morning. Especially in an office environment, the onus of managing expectations of modesty, professionalism, and assertiveness fall on women.

Whether we like it or not, the first impression is often the last, and most, if not all of the time, that is going to be your outfit. Follow these tips to elevate your sense of style and how colleagues and superiors perceive you in the workspace.


A woefully underrated part of fashion is accessories. If done right, they can turn an otherwise dull or unkempt outfit seem elevated and put together. Throwing on accessories like a Celine bag or some minimal jewelry can give a more anchored look to your appearance.

Try not to go overboard, though! Less is more here, and overdoing it can quickly make you go from looking classy to tacky.

Color Psychology

Before mixing and matching any combinations, it might help to learn a little bit about Color Psychology and how the science bleeds into fashion. Specific colors and combos look naturally good together (like Earthen tones), while others clash with each other.

Also, keep in mind the certain connotations colors tend to hold. For example, while red is bold and powerful, it can again come across as threatening. Read up and try to moderate and balance your outfits according to the occasion.

Stay wary of the bleeding edge

Unless your industry or workplace culture encourages it, it is advisable to stay away from the runway trends you might see on ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ While they might look great on television or in magazines, it’s unlikely that they have an ‘office-vibe.’

Incorporating those trends in your outfits in subtle ways, you can ensure that you still have fun with fashion, along with adding a unique flair to your overall look.


This might be a running theme across the list, but moderation and keeping the aspects of your appearance reined-in is undoubtedly advisable in a professional environment. As a practical businesswoman, keeping your hair and make-up subtle, simple, and sophisticated is your best bet.

Try to make a staple routine; you can easily replicate every work-day. Something that requires too much effort can be tedious to get through every day.

Layering and Silhouettes

While this might be more relevant in non-tropical environments, any and everyone should be conscious of the kind of silhouettes they’re creating with their outfits. To keep it exciting but not too time-consuming, try playing around with different layers, types, fabrics, etc.

You could push one of your modest dresses to the next level by putting a layer on top. The layering concept has unlimited potential in changing and elevating the vibe and sense of the scale of the outfit.

New best friend

If you want to push the boundaries of your style presence in the workplace, your tailor should be your new best friend. A recurring platitude in the fashion industry is ‘fit is king,’ and it’s true! No matter how classy a piece is, it won’t look as impressive as it can if it doesn’t fit well in the right places.

It is unlikely that off-the-rack pieces fit you perfectly right away since bodies are so diverse and varied. Tailors are practically godsends in this regard. Tiny alterations in all your articles can make them go from ‘oh that is nice’ to ‘you look stunning.’

Your roots

Now, having all these tips in your arsenal, you should be rushing off to create a new wardrobe. But wait! The underlying principle is that fashion, more than anything else, is a medium of self-expression. Straying away from your looks might earn you success in the short term, but you’ll feel like you’re living a lie in the long term.

Instead of creating an entirely new personality with your outfits, try harder to enhance the vibe and personality you already have with your fashion choices in the workplace.


It is unreal and honestly a little depressing how often women miss out on opportunities and prospects in the corporate world solely based on how they present themselves. They tend to undermine themselves by not appearing professionally.

With this list, we hope you don’t allow yourself to get a wrong first impression. Stay true to yourself, and be mindful of the mark you want to make on others when you see them with your aesthetic.