Why Your Next Girls Holiday Should Be Marbella

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a girl’s holiday – jetting off with your favourite girlfriends to somewhere hot and sunny, sipping fizz on the plane. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a birthday, a hen or just because you all want a break – a girl’s holiday is just special.

With 300 days of sunshine a year, as well as prestigious nightlight that rivals other European favourites such as Ibiza and Kavos, what could be a better location than glitz-and-glam celebrity hotspot Marbella?

Cheap Flights

When you consider that Marbella is Europe’s top destination for celebrities and royalty alike, you’d be surprised at how many cheap flights are available to nearby Malaga airport using sites like Skyscanner. To get the best deals on flights you have two options – either book well in advance or risk a last-minute booking. When there’s a group of you though, it’s best to book in advance; else you risk being on different flights. Also, try to book outside of peak season (June-August), you’ll find the weather is just as good in April or October.

Recommended Accommodation

By far the best accommodation for a group is to rent one of Marbella’s many stunning villas. Renting a villa between you is often far cheaper than paying for your own hotel rooms; and far more fun! Most villas come with their own private pool, so no competing with other holiday-goers.

Alternatively, for the convenience and luxury of true on-holiday vibes, Meliá Marbella Banús is a popular hotel near the main strip that is 50m from the beach and a 5-minute walk to the main strip of Puerto Banús.

Top Restaurants

For pure luxury – and the chance to spot a celeb or two – a trip to one of Marbella’s three Michelin-starred restaurants is a must. Particularly intriguing, Danni Garcia at Puente Romano is famed for its contrasting uses of hot and cold in their dishes, all with an Andalusian flair. Perfect for those who like to mix drama with their food.

The best food in town is still attributed to Marcella Club’s MC Beach though, which serves the freshest seafood and gourmet salads.


If you want to escape the many sports cars and luxury yachts that line the streets of Marbella, a relaxing afternoon in Alameda Park is the perfect choice. Created in the 17th Century, the gardens were planted with various botanical species, as well as being home to a stunning castle. The garden hosts many events and markets as well as being close to the popular Buddha Club.

Of course, no trip to Marbella is complete without a visit to one of the region’s many beautiful beaches – they are themselves some of Marbella’s best sights. Of these, Cabopino beach is becoming increasingly popular due to its crystal-clear waters and long sandy beaches. The beach itself has the protected Artola sand dunes to one side and Cabopino port on the other.


For a taste of Vegas, Casino Marbella offers a fun afternoon/evening out for the full group. Try your hand at table games such as poker or have a giggle at one of the casino’s many slot machines. Or, if you don’t fancy gambling yourself, simply dine at the in-house restaurant and indulge in some people watching.

There’s no better group activity in Marbella, though, than a day at the spa getting totally pampered. Club Wellness not only offers various spa treatments such as massages, facials and wraps, but it also offers day programmes aimed at wellness and detoxifying your body.

Places to Party

Marbella’s nightlife is known to be some of the world’s best, which makes picking where to go a difficult and daunting task. Luckily, during the summer months, you really can’t pick a wrong night out as all the big clubs have nightly events.

Sintilllate are known for hosting some of the best parties across various locations in Marbella so, once you know what your holiday dates are, check their website for up-coming events. You can even book tickets in advance.

Experiencing a nightclub on the beach is a must when you’re in Marbella. During the day, Nikki Beach is an exclusive beach club with VIP loungers, but as soon as the sun sets, the beach transforms into one of the most popular clubs in the area.

Transport for the Stay

Over recent years, public transport has greatly improved in Marbella, and it now offers the best options for groups who want to travel. Use the local trains and buses to go on day adventures and opt for taxis to get home from a night on the town.


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