Must-Know Tips to Survive and Pass College

Whether you’re taking a diploma course or pursuing a degree in a particular field, being a college student always comes with its fair share of challenges. While some survive and even pass, a good number of their freshman peers don’t stay around enough to get their awards. More often than not, the lot that falls on the negative side of things comprises of the students that lack mentorship, advice, and help on how to get through various issues, matters, and circumstances. But how do you survive and pass college?

Here are some tips you must know, on how to survive and pass college.

1. Learn to budget

While finances may be extremely limited for you as a college student, you don’t always have to be penniless. The majority of college students actually run into financial troubles and challenges because they either don’t know how to budget, or they just ignore the importance of budgeting. You don’t actually have to take budgeting lessons. Just a few tips here and there can make a huge difference. Always set funds aside for priority expenditure such as rent, food, books, stationery, and bills. Once these are catered for, spending for nights out and luxury can follow.

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2. Know and stay within your limits

In your life as a student, you will most likely come across lots and lots of new stuff, most of which is initially super-exciting. If you get the drill, we’re talking booze, weed, hanging out with opposite-sex peers, and such. However, too much of anything is poisonous. Too much alcohol, weed, partying, and stuff will most likely derail your focus on coursework. If at all you make it to lectures the following day, your head will most likely be at loggerheads with your body the following morning/day, after heavy partying and drinking. You have to know your limits if you are to survive and pass college.

3. Learn to deal with roomies

Not unless you have the means to secure private accommodation near the institution, room sharing is one of the most common things in college. But not everyone gets the luxury of sharing a room with their coolest buddies or besties. It pays to be prepared to handle a difficult roommate in case you run into one during your college life.

4. Know where to find help

From time to time, you’ll need a hand in your coursework, social life, as well as personal life in college. As far as coursework is concerned, it pays to know your lecturers, get into discussion groups, and keep tabs with academic advisors. Sometimes it takes buying research papers to ensure you submit your coursework assignments in time and pass.

5. All work and no play (….)

Don’t make Jack a dull boy! No one is saying you should be less serious with your work during college. However, so exercise, socializing, and letting yourself lose will go a long way into relieving stress and boosting your mental performance. Extracurricular activities are highly important during college.

Surviving college and actually passing your course may not be the easiest thing on the planet. However, it is also not rocket science, especially with the above fundamental tips.


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