Manchester United Players Earn Their Worth in Sporting Prowess

How Much Do Players From Manchester United Earn

It’ll come as no surprise for football fans to learn that Manchester United players receive a higher salary than any other team in the country. Not just that. They are also one of the very best paid teams in Europe. It’s what you’d expect from such a successful team. They’ve dominated the game for years, so it’s hard not to feel that the club is getting what they pay for. And with OddsDigger football odds you can win big on their next match.

Manchester United Are the Highest in the Country

As it stands, the average weekly pay for a Manchester United player works out at 100,792 pounds every week. That’s for a first team player, and averaged out. This is the highest pay in the whole of the UK, and an amount that some might say oversteps the bounds of what you would feel reasonable. However, they’re in good company. Following up in second place are their rivals, Manchester City. Their average first team player puts away around 100,691 pounds every week, only slightly less than the number one.

UK Teams Are Earn Around 100 Grand a Week

The following third, fourth and fifth places are much as you’d expect. Your average Chelsea player goes home with 85,600 pounds a week. Arsenal players take 77,639 pounds a week. And Liverpool players walk away with 70,190 pounds every week. This progression pretty much measures the respective places in the league that the teams hold. Does this mean that money really can buy quality sportsmanship? In this era of international, multi million pound teams, the answer is probably yes. With enough money, a club can buy the very best players around, and secure their place at the top of the league. And today, the average pay for a first team player of Manchester United has finally broken the 50,000 mark. That means that salaries are just getting higher and higher. In fact, Pogba reputedly takes home 165,588 per week. You can follow any new events regarding Manchester United players by checking out reliable sources for Manchester United news. And you can use free football betting tips to stay a step ahead of the action. They give you:

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Spain Has the Highest Paid in the World

While these numbers may seem staggeringly high, they are not actually the highest paid in Europe. That honour goes to Barcelona, whose players take home 126,875 pounds every week. That makes them the highest paid not just in Europe, but the entire world. As far as sports teams worldwide go, the title goes to the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team. They have a grand total of 137,507 pounds per week, considerably more than their nearest competition.

So that’s the rundown of everything you need to know about Manchester United player’s salary. Compared to the rest of the UK, they really are taking home the maximum. But by world standards, there’s a way to go yet. Stay up to date on Manchester United live results to follow this fantastic team.


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