More Women Than Ever Choosing Online Casinos – Here Are Their Games Of Choice

Casino gaming is sometimes perceived as a man’s world. That might be the case on the silver screen, but it is not borne out by what you will see if you stroll into any casino on the Las Vegas strip on an average afternoon. The male / female mix is quite even, and if anything, the ladies outnumber the men somewhat.

Similar misconceptions exist online. 3-4 years ago, there was some truth behind the myths, and more men gambled online than women. Whether it had anything to do with the broader events of 2020 we shall never know, but the numbers are now starting to even out, especially in newer online casino markets like Canada. Here, there are dozens of online casinos to choose from and Gamble Online provides an outline of the games on offer (see But which casino games are proving most popular with female casino players?

Slot games   

Legend has it that when slot games were first introduced in casinos, it was to give the ladies something to do while their menfolk were busy losing all their money at the poker table. Whatever the intention, slot games have become a leading attraction among male and female gamblers. Today, more titles are obviously aimed at female players. These include top-rated games such as Immortal Romance, Rainbow Riches and Sex and the City.

TV-themed games

Live online casino has brought a slew of new real money casino games to the market. Whether it’s right or wrong, you can learn a lot about the target audience by the presenters. Card games like baccarat and blackjack, which have a predominantly male audience, tend to be presented by attractive young women in low cut dresses. TV-themed casino games, such as Deal or No Deal and Dream Catcher are more likely to feature an equally attractive young male presenter. Marketers can be very simplistic sometimes!

Bingo and Slingo

Speaking of marketers, about five years ago, online gaming providers invested thousands in rebranding bingo to give it broader appeal to a younger audience, employing the likes of Paddy McGuinness and Heather Graham in their advertising campaigns. It worked, and the number of under-50s playing online bingo continues to rise year on year. Women still outnumber the men by three to one, however! The same goes for slingo, which is a game that combines slots and bingo and has exploded in popularity over the past 2-3 years.


Watch the WSOP on TV, and you can see that poker is still a male-dominated game. However, we include it here because that trend is shifting, and fast. Women tend to prefer online poker to tournaments in land-based casinos, but as the number of females on the pro circuit continues to rise, more women will be inspired to take up the game, and to take on the guys! Poker pros like Liv Boree, Maria Ho and especially Muskan Sethi, India’s first female poker pro, are true poker pioneers!