Men’s Shoes: A Walkthrough Guide

If you’re struggling to find the perfect shoe for the right occasion, then this extremely helpful infographic is perfect for you. This graphic will take you through kinds of shoes such as very smart, smart casual, casual and relaxing. What I believe is the greatest factor of this infographic is that it has keys, these keys tell you exactly what you should wear with each pair of shoes. It not only tells you what to wear it also tells you what is the perfect weather condition for each pair of shoes.

My personal favourite from this list is the desert boot, as it is just so versatile. For example, you can wear them if you are dressing smart, if you are dressing smart casual and even if you are choosing an everyday shoe. Fashion specialists at Stand-out have provided this infographic so you know they know exactly what they are talking about. The list is extremely varied as it goes through shoes such as the dress boot, that is more worn with 3 piece suits or a shirt and tie. The boat shoe, which is very casual and is normally seen being worn with chino shorts and a polo shirt.

The keys the infographic uses within this infographic includes instructions such as suitable for rainy days and perfect for sunny days this tells you what exact weather condition is suitable for each pair of shoes. The keys also explain the type of attire you should be wearing with each pair of shoes. For example, two keys explain that you should be either wearing smart attire or for the casual look, which is very helpful and a great feature in my opinion.

Please have a look at the infographic for a great list of men’s shoes I promise you that you will be able to find the perfect pair of shoes, as there is just such a range of shoes so if you are struggling to find the newest addition to your shoe closet look no further.


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