Managing Arthritis Pain Naturally – 7 Solutions That Can Improve Your Wellbeing

Arthritis is a very common health condition that can affect people of all ages and both sexes. However, it has been observed that arthritis is more common among women and that it usually appears in people over 65 years old. According to medical specialists, it is one of the most common causes of disability worldwide because it affects joints, the tissue that surrounds the joint, and other connective tissues causing severe pain.

Struggling with arthritis can be really challenging and can have a powerful impact on your lifestyle. It causes severe pain, stiffness, and decreases the range of motion which makes it difficult for the patient to even the simplest everyday tasks. Unfortunately, there are many kinds of arthritis and for most of them there is no cure. Most patients can, however, reach remission which means that there will be no more clinical symptoms of the disease. Yet, in order to stay in remission, most patients need to continue to take medical treatment.

However, the treatment helps patients control pain and live their life as normally as possible despite their health condition.

What is arthritis and what causes it?

Arthritis is a health condition which leads to the inflammation of the joints but can also describe other conditions that affect joints, the tissue that surrounds joints, and other connective tissues. This condition affects the places of the body where bones connect with each other including the wrist, knee, or hips leading to severe pain and stiffness. Types of arthritis including inflammatory arthritis, infectious arthritis, metabolic and degenerative arthritis have been identified to be the most common types.

Depending on the type of the condition, the causes of arthritis include:

  • Immune system dysfunction
  • Infections
  • Abnormal metabolism
  • Excess weight
  • Aging
  • High levels of uric acid

How to manage arthritis pain naturally?

When you are suffering from arthritis, effective pain management is paramount to be able to live your life as normally as possible. The stiffness and joint pain can put you in bed and stop you from performing any task. Thus, you must learn how to manage the pain, prevent damage to the affected joint, and how to keep inflammation at bay. Here are 7 natural solutions to help you manage arthritis pain and improve your overall wellbeing:

1.      Hot or cold treatment

Arthritis can produce severe pain which is very difficult to handle. One of the simplest natural remedies for easing joint pain is hot or cold therapy. Heat or cold treatments can reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and reduce inflammation. Long warm or cold showers, electric blankets or moist heating pads can ease stiffness and reduce pain within minutes. Although it isn’t a long-term solution, it can be very helpful in times when the pain becomes unbearable.

2.      Exercise

Exercising is the best way to maintain your overall health and wellbeing. However, when suffering from arthritis, you may find it difficult to exercise or practice sports. Yet, although it may seem difficult in the beginning, exercising can help you manage joint pain and stiffness. Over time, practicing physical activity will strengthen the muscles around the joints which leads to improved flexibility. Aquatic exercises are the best workout for people suffering from arthritis because it results in improved coordination and range of motion. However, aerobic and range-of-motion exercises are also recommended.

3.      Manage your weight

Excess weight is one of the leading causes of arthritis. Thus, it can have a huge impact on the symptoms of arthritis experienced by a patient because it puts a lot of pressure on the joints especially in areas where bones connect with each other including the knees and hips. Managing your diet, exercising and maintaining an optimal body weight will lead to improved mobility, and prevent the potential damage to the joints.

4.      Use CBD oil

Cannabidiol oil can have a huge impact in reducing arthritis pain and improving your overall wellbeing. Numerous medical studies have shown that it can help patients suffering from arthritis by relieving pain and inflammation. Moreover, CBD is a great natural solution to manage other symptoms related to arthritis such as depression or anxiety. It is a more natural pain relief option which will also help you improve your mental wellbeing. CBD comes in many forms such as capsules, extracts, CBD gummies from Royal CBD, or topical ointments.

It is possible to add a few drops of CBD oil underneath your tongue or to a beverage such as a smoothie or a natural juice. However, if you want to avoid the taste of it, you can choose what suits you best from the line of organic CBD soft gels.

5.      Take ginger supplements

Ginger is another natural solution for easing pain and reducing inflammation. It is a plant which has been used in alternative medicine for a long time already. Its effects to stimulate circulation leads to the reduction of the inflammation in synovial cells which eases joint pain.

6.      Practice meditation

Meditation is a very popular natural stress-relief method. When suffering from arthritis and dealing with severe pain, patients experience a lot of psychological stress and anxiety. Medical specialists have concluded that there is a strong connection between stress and inflammation in the body. Thus, practicing meditation can help you reduce the stress levels you feel and reduce pain from arthritis by helping you relax your body muscles. You can combine meditation with yoga to exercise while also improving your mental health.

7.      Have a healthy diet

Having a healthy nutrition is essential to maintain your overall wellbeing. Although there is no diet that can help you cure arthritis, eating a certain diet can help with the reduction of the severity of the symptoms. Also, good nutrition can with reducing the possibility to experience the side-effects from the treatment and heart conditions which is a common aggravation of certain kinds of arthritis. Medical specialists consider that a healthy and balanced nutrition for patients who suffer from arthritis should include foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Also, the most recommended foods to you should include in your nutrition are foods rich in healthy fat including fish meat, olive oil, and nuts.


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