Man Candy Monday: Nick Wechsler


Who is Nick Wechsler? The Vital Stats:

  • Name: Samuel Nicolas Wechsler
  • Nicknames: Nick
  • Height: 5’7″
  • Age: 33
  • Born: September 3, 1978 in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Profession: Actor
  • Status: Unknown at time of publication
  • Filmography (year, title, role):

1996: Full Circle (Mugger) – made for TV movie
1997-1998: Team Knight Rider (Kevin “Trek” Sanders) – television series
1999-2002: Roswell (Kyle Valenti) – television series
2000: Perfect Game (State Umpire) – video
2000: Chicks, Man (Nick) – feature film
2003: Malcolm in the Middle (Donnie) – television series, 1 episode “Reese’s Party”
2004: Tru Calling (Marc Colvin) – television series, 1 episode “D.O.A.”
2004: North Shore (Justin Silver) – television series, 1 episode “The Big One”
2005: Cold Case (Manny) – television series, 1 episode “The Promise”
2006: Crossing Jordan (Hopper) – television series, 1 episode “Thin Ice”
2006: Vanished (Gabe Barnett/Man in Car) – television series, 2 episodes “Warm Springs”, “The Velocity of Sara”
2007-2008: Without a Trace (Joe Giusti) – television series, 3 episodes “Deja Vu”, “Hard Reset”, “Lost Boy”
2008: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Deputy Ridge) – television series, 1 episode “Pilot”
2008: Infamous (Andre) – video short
2008: Lie to Me (Luke) – feature film
2009-2011: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Brad Fisher) – television series, 2 episodes “The Waitress is Getting Married”, “The High School Reunion”
2010: 3B (Carrey) – short
2010: Past Life (Brian Dugan) – television series, 1 episode “Soul Music”
2010: Chase (Adam Rothschild) – television series, 1 episode “Above the Law”
2010: Switchback (Jonathan Weston) – feature film
2011-Present: Revenge (Jack Porter) – television series


I freaking love Nick Wechsler but here’s the weird thing about that. I love him more than I thought I did when I started writing this profile. I similar thing happened a few months back when I did my profile on Jensen Ackles except this time, I put Nick on the Meet the Candy Candidates poll because I adore him as Jack Porter on Revenge and also loved him on Roswell a few years back. It just so happens that I also loved him on Chase, Without a Trace, Crossing Jordan, Cold Case, Malcolm in the Middle and a whole bunch of other shows. I just didn’t know it was all Nick. Of course, it turns out my favorite roll Mr. Wechsler has ever taken on is one he’s played but two times – Brad Fisher on FX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. How have I never made the connection between Brad Fisher and Jack Porter? Simple. Nick’s a terrific, and woefully underrated actor.

credit: Jim Bridges/ABC

Let’s talk about Revenge for a second, shall we? While I have to admit Gabriel Mann’s Nolan is probably my favorite character on the show, Jack isn’t far behind and while all the other relationship drama on the show is entertaining, Nolan and Jack’s friendship is my favorite Revenge relationship. Whether it’s the way the relationship is written or the fact that I adore the actors who portray them, my heart skips a beat every time Jack and Nolan have a scene together. Nick always plays Jack perfectly. Jack isn’t a terribly complex character and I like that. Some actors might have a hard time making a character like Jack stand out in a cast of characters like the ones on Revenge but not Nick. Don’t get me wrong. I love Joshua Bowman. He’s a fine actor and I like his character but I am Team Jack all the way.


Okay, we’ve talked about Revenge. Let’s move on to some of Nick’s other work. While Revenge has offered him one of his biggest roles to date, I can’t write a profile on Nick Wechsler without talking about Roswell. Although I liked Nick on Team Knight Rider, I didn’t really fall in love until his time on Roswell. I really started watching for Brendan Fehr but wound up falling in love with many Roswell cast members, Nick clearly being one of them. It’s not easy to steal the show when you’re fellow cast members include Emilie de Ravin, Colin Hanks and Jason Behr but Nick always managed. To be honest, it’s a little hard to remember the show when I think back on it now but one thing I remember for sure is looking forward to any scenes Nick had a part in – much like I am with Revenge now.


I think what I like most about Nick is his low key public persona. You never hear his name associated with scandals and you rarely see his picture in the gossip rags (or on the gossip blogs to be a bit less dated) and I have to admit that’s refreshing. Sadly, that under-the-radar sort of lifestyle means there really isn’t a whole lot of information out there to be shared when it comes to Nick. In my research, I was able to learn he’s the fifth of eight sons, that he auditioned for five different roles on Roswell before landing Kyle and that he owns 300 CDs. I particularly liked that last little piece of trivia. I worked in a music store for several years and amassed quite a CD collection my self during that time. It’s be interesting to know what kind of CDs are in that collection but alas, Google did not provide me with that answer.


Beyond having a big family, a bunch of CDs and a ton of talent, Nick’s Man Candy win has also taught me he has an incredibly loyal fan base. We had a whole lot of votes in the Candy Candidates poll yet Nick was able to take the win with over half the votes going to him. Very exciting. We also had a write in nomination for another Revenge cast member. Want to know who that cast member was? Check out the latest Meet the Candy Candidates post over on Girl in Stereo by clicking here. Make sure you vote for the nominee you want to see as next week’s Man Candy while you’re there. Remember, write ins are welcome and you can vote as many times as you like. And with all that said, let’s get to what probably drew a lot of you here – the Nick Wechsler gallery!

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