Man Candy Monday: Charlie Hunnam

Man Candy Monday: Charlie Hunnam

Who is Charlie Hunnam? The Vital Stats:

  • Name: Charlie Matthew Hunnam
  • Height: 6’1”
  • Age: 31
  • Born: April 10th in Newcastle, England
  • Profession: Actor
  • Status: Divorced. Currently in a long term relationship with jewelry designer Morgana
  • Resides In: London, England and Los Angeles, California
  • Filmography (year, title, role):

1998: Byker Grove (Jason)
1998: Microsoap (Brad)
1999: Whatever Happened to Herald Smith (Daz)
1999: My Wonderful Life (Wes)
1999-2000: Queer As Folk (Nathan Maloney)
2000: Queer As Folk 2 (Nathan Maloney)
2000: Young Americans (Gregor Ryder)
2001-2003: Undeclared (Lloyd Haythe)
2002: Abandon (Embry Larkin)
2002: Nicolas Nickleby (Nicolas Nickleby)
2003: Cold Mountain (Bosie)
2005: Green Street Hooligans (Pete Dunham)
2006: Children of Men (Patric)
2008-2011 (continuing): Sons of Anarchy (Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller)
2011: The Ledge (Gavin Nichols)
2012 (post-production): Blackbird (Jay)
2013 (pre-production): Pacific Rim

The lovely and talented Charlie Hunnam.

I chose Charlie Hunnam for the first piece of man candy to share with you all because, in my always humble opinion, they don’t get much more delicious than Charlie. I fell in love with him as Nathan Maloney on Queer As Folk and that love has only grown stronger as time has passed.

Charlie Hunnam bare chested.

A few things I love about Charlie; he’s fearless, he’s gorgeous and he’s talented. This is a man who isn’t just a favorite of mine because he’s absolutely stunning, but because he genuinely has talent. He takes diverse roles in an effort to make sure he isn’t just thought of as the pretty blond boy but is recognized as a serious actor.

Charlie as Jax Teller.

My favorite Charlie Hunnam role to date is Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller on FX’s woefully underappreciated Sons of Anarchy, but choosing a favorite is no easy task. His performance as Pete in Green Street Hooligans was absolutely phenomenal. He has called his performances in Abandon, Cold Mountain and Children of Men his ‘trilogy of madmen’ and he played that trilogy to perfection.

Charlie in Green Street Hooligans.

But hey, this article isn’t about acting credentials and a long career is it? This article is about man candy, so let’s get to it. Click below to see some of the sexiest, drool-worthy shots of one of the sexiest, drool worthy actors in the industry and make sure you come back next Monday when our Man Candy Monday profile will cover Mr. Ian Somerhalder.

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  1. Is he really still with Morgana? Yikes. It’s awesome that he’s got such a great heart, but that woman is kind of ugly and he looks ridiculous standing next to her. Sorry but she glows in the dark, her nose is flat like a fish and her mouth is WAY too big for her face. Her jewelry line is a total joke too and the story on her web page about guilding the lily is lame. Watch her come out and try to be an actress or a writer now. He obviously loves her very much, because he could be with a very beautiful and successful woman. I hope Morgana knows how lucky she is. She’s an under-achiever and he’s not, plain and simple. It all seems very unbalanced to me. I just don’t like to see men like this with women like her. Sorry, I know I sound like a cunt, but I call them like I see it. As long as she makes him happy, that’s all that matters. Someone should tell him that she makes him look bad though. I hope his PR staff reads this so they keep her out of his appearance photos. 

  2. The last I heard he was still with her. I know there were rumors about he and Liv Tyler for a while but I guess that’s bound to happen with celebs. I’ve honestly never seen Morgana. About all I know about her is that I’m extremely jealous. 


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