Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

By nature, the purpose of make-up is to accentuate your natural beauty. Sometimes, people mistake makeup application as a way to hide who they are. That’s frustrating, because when used correctly, makeup can hide physical blemishes such as scars, pimples, and birthmarks, thereby boosting your self-confidence. It also highlights your best features by bringing out your eyes, emphasizing your lips, and underscoring your natural skin color. Here are six makeup dos and don’ts to help you look your best all the time.

Do Match Colors Correctly


Image via Flickr by James Theophane

Many women naturally assume that they should match the color of their makeup to the color of their cheeks. The instinct is to coordinate with the part of the face that people notice first. The problem is that your makeup should tie all your upper body colors together. Your neck is likely to be a different shade than your cheeks and the rest of your face.

Matching your foundation to your cheeks creates a noticeable line that’s all other people will notice. Also, your face and neck will be two different colors. By coordinating your makeup with your neck, you avoid this issue entirely.

Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup

There’s nothing gossip columnists enjoy more than attacking female celebrities who wear too much makeup. Nobody wants to make this sort of list. The easiest way to avoid unflattering comparisons to various Kardashians is to remain conservative with your makeup. Think about how you apply makeup in comparison to how an artist paints. Most of them don’t merely apply as much as possible in hopes that the overall picture will be coherent. The same is true of your personal style. You want people to notice you for who you are and not how much makeup you wear.

Do Buy Makeup Brushes

You probably started dabbing makeup with your fingers when you were a little girl playing dress-up. Some habits are hard to break, but you shouldn’t use your fingers to apply makeup any more than you should still suck your thumb. A makeup brush for you is no different than a paint brush for an artist. It’s the tool you need to create the best possible look for your face. A makeup brush is a gentle applicator that’ll allow much more subtle, graceful lines.

Don’t Abuse Your Eyelash Pencil

Now that you’ve purchased the right tools for makeup application, it’s up to you to use them correctly. If you’re not skilled with your eyelash pencil, you run the risk of accidentally making people think you’re a Goth girl. You’ll have hard edges that cause your appearance to come across as severe, even if that’s not your intention. Watch some videos about proper eyelash pencil techniques and avoid all temptation to overdo it.

Do Buy Only the Best Products

The quality of the makeup you buy directly impacts your perception with others as well as how you see yourself when you look in the mirror. You’ll want nothing but the best makeup you can afford to feel your best every day. Consider the optimal ways to boost your make up collection. For example, Amway products are reliable and affordable, making them one of the best choices for your morning dressing routine.

Don’t Use the Same Amount of Makeup Every Day

The beauty of using makeup is that you get to change your appearance every day. Look at mornings as a fresh start where you can try something new and fresh. By falling into bad habits, you’ll grow lazy about your personal style. That’s not the way to stand out, nor is it a good way to build self-esteem. You only grow as a person when you try and excel at new things.

View every makeup application as a new opportunity to learn more about yourself and the way you fit into the world around you. That means you want to change up your look. Similarly, don’t be afraid to go au naturel at times and light with your makeup on others.

Looking your best comes down to how well you use your makeup. Learn from the information above, and you’ll feel like a makeup pro in no time!