100 Heart-Warming and Sweet Love Quotes for Him

Love is a gift, and the best wonderful feeling in the world, but have you often find it indescribable? Sometimes, special dinners and gifts are great for expressing how you feel, but saying words straight from your heart is the best. We would like to express our feelings on how much we love our partner, but can’t often find the right words. So, if you’re looking for straight from the heart messages to brighten up his day, keep on reading for our heart-warming and sweet love quotes for him.

Reasons You Should Say “I Love You”

  1. Good communication builds a healthy relationship.


A good communication includes being comfortable talking with most important matters, little things—and even say the sweet words ‘I love you’. If you can’t tell your partner about your feelings, then, how can you discuss the more important things in your life? If you’re working for a healthy relationship, then you must exert some effort on having good communication with your partner.

  1. It strengthens your faith and trust for each other.

Do you know that saying ‘I love you’ can restore your faith and strengthen your love for each other? According to psychologists, expressing the feelings of love can actually help to make your relationship stronger and happy. So, start being expressive in your love for him, so you’ll be able to create an honest and loving relationship filled with happiness and positivity.

  1. It creates more emotional connection.

According to experts, an emotional connection is the best foundation of any relationship, especially a romantic one. You might be physically attracted to him, but if that’s your only basis, then, your relationship won’t last long. More than that, it can actually renew your relationship, especially if you already spend years together and it lost some spark. Yes, a straight from the heart message can bring a relationship back to life.

  1. Love is contagious.

Do you know that there’s a scientific explanation on why love is contagious? In fact, neuroscientists even say that the more you focus on the idea of love, happiness and gratitude, the more you’ll attract people with the same outlook in life. If you often say words like ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ then it’s more likely he’ll say those words to you too.

A great thing, it can also make you more positive and optimistic that will help to make your relationship stronger. A psychologist even said that it can lessen the fear feeling in your brain, which is great for being a better person and a better lover.

  1. It makes both of you feel good.

When someone says ‘I love you’ to us, our hearts can even skip a beat, especially if we like that person—and that only shows that we need to say the words out loud. Do you know that keeping your emotions whether it is good or bad is unhealthy? According to experts, expressing your feelings can actually lower your stress, therefore, help you love a longer life. Some psychologists even claim that a good marriage can increase one’s life span.

  1. He cannot read your mind.

Saying ‘I love you’ on the early stages of courtship is essential to show you’re into the other person. However, if you’re already together, some things are often understood, and it feels like you can know what’s going on in his mind simply by observing his mood and actions. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing what’s really on his mind. So, make sure you express how you feel, so you’ll be able to put the things in context.

  1. It will give him a sense of security.

When you’re expressive about your feelings about him, it will give him a sense of security that there will be you and him in the future. Also, it can help to lessen the jealousy whenever you or he hangs out with a friend of the opposite sex. The feeling of security is important in a relationship—and it matters to give it to your partner so he’ll know where he’ll stand and what place he has in your life.

If you’re wondering what security really means, it simply implies that your relationship is consistent and dependable. Yes, expressing your love for him will make him think of future with you. Do you know that your priorities change when you’re aiming for a long term relationship? According to studies, when someone is just looking for a short term companion, one pays attention more to physical characteristics, which is the opposite when one is looking for a lifetime partner.

  1. You might regret not saying it.

Sometimes, we’re not expressive enough in our thoughts and feelings—some are just waiting for that perfect moment while some are just want to make things more casual. Unfortunately, our time passes and there are lots of chances you already missed. If you cannot be honest about how you feel at this moment, how can you be sure you’ll be able to express it tomorrow or someday?

There’s a saying that you’ll only realize the worth of water till the well is dry, and when it comes to relationship, you can be more sentimental and expressive on things that you wish you can have once again. So, don’t keep doubting yourself whether you’ll express your emotions or not, as the time will never be perfect—it is now or never.

If you’re not a verbal type of girl, then find non-verbal ways to express your love for him. Do you know that the words ‘I love you’ are being tossed around too easily? In fact, some people even think that saying the phrase too often will make the expressive words shallow and unreal. So, don’t make the phrase comes across as non-genuine and fake by only uttering the words when you really mean it and feel it.

Why Some People are Expressive on Love (and Others Aren’t)

We all know that the experience of having someone to love and to be loved is a wonderful experience. Without love, there wouldn’t be love stories, romantic novels, love songs, and poems of endearment ever written. A great thing, a simple yet straight from the heart messages is perfect to make him feel loved. However, it is not a romantic etiquette just to say you love him just because he said that to you.

Have you noticed that you tend to like love songs that you can relate to, especially if you’re in love? Unfortunately, when we are sad, we also tend to listen to more heartbreaking songs that make us cry. They say deeds speak louder than words, but still it’s better to say things that you really want to say than regret later that you have not said ‘I love you’ often enough.

Hearing someone say “I love you” to you for the first time is considered as the sign of courtship or even a more than friends, romantic relationship. But once your relationship became official, most men and women find it understood that you love each other, so the times of expressing it through words became less frequent. This is especially true to shy people than outspoken ones even if one is sincere in his love.

Most of the time, difference in personality is one of the reasons why some people are expressive on their feelings and some are not. Some people are introvert, and some are extrovert. Also, some are naturally vocal and expressive on their thoughts and some are not. However, if one will only be sincere, saying the words of love wouldn’t be complicated or even problematic.

One psychological reason why others refuse to utter the words is because of fear. Does your partner have some negative experiences in the past? It can actually affect one’s relationship in the adulthood. On the other hand, some people have difficulty saying the words because they don’t know how to express the emotion.

This is especially true if he grew up in not so loving environment—broken family, parents didn’t become a good model of emotions and such—making him struggle with expressing love. Even if the feeling of love can bring happiness, some people who experienced trauma and rejection in the past can feel anxiety towards love.

A great thing, not being expressive on your feelings of love for your partner isn’t actually means that you don’t love him enough. But still, you have to show it in your actions to show him you care. After all, we should understand different personalities, and we should not make our partners obligated to say ‘I love you’ to us every single day.

Also, you must know that it does not matter whether you say “I love you” to him more frequently than him to you. After all, not all things in the world can be described by words. Just do your best to show him you love him, you care for him, and you’re grateful that you have him in your life. This way, your relationship and love for each other will be stronger.

Ways to Show Your Love without Saying ‘I Love You’

  1. Make your relationship a priority.

Thankfully, expressions of love come in many forms. Everyone is busy, but when you show him that your relationship is your priority, then, he’ll likely do the same. When something happens, is your partner the first person you want to talk to, or you have other friend that you prefer to call? If your partner isn’t expressive on his love for you, but likes to share both good and bad news with you, then, it only shows that he sees you as a lifelong partner.

If you love someone, you cannot be too busy just to send him a message, reply on his texts, or even stay in touch. Yes, you’ll be able to make time, no matter how busy you are. If your relationship is your priority, then spending quality time with him will be easier even if both of you have work to do. By doing your best to make time for him, it can show how much you love and care for him.

Instead of watching your favorite television show, why not spend some time talking to him on the phone, or even watch with him no matter how uninteresting his tastes are? Also, you may think of planning a weekend trip together, preparing the meals for him and such.

  1. Take care of him when he’s sick.

Saying “I love you” might be easier for some, but if you’re not that kind of girl, you can still show your love for your partner with small gestures. Taking care of your partner when he is sick shouldn’t feel like a burden. After all, love should be genuine, effortless, and easy. In fact, that’s the perfect opportunity to say romantic words or show your partner that you care about him.

If you’re dreaming of a romantic candlelit dinner or watching the sunset together, you might find the gesture not so romantic. But according to psychologists, it’s actually one of the best times your partner will appreciate you and will feel your love. This is especially true if your partner’s needs more assistance whether he had lost a loved one, injured in an accident, or in an emotionally vulnerable state.

  1. Physical affection can reunite your relationship.

Do you know that physical touch will help to keep your intimacy? Think of giving him a tight hug, holding his hands and such to show your deep feelings for him. According to experts, your body language says more about your feelings.

According to studies, there’s a scientific reason why cuddling feels so good. Have you heard about the love hormone oxytocin? Our body actually releases it when we embrace someone. The said hormone is similar to amphetamine that makes us feel alert and excited whenever our partner is around.

As a trivia, do you know why the ring finger is placed on your fourth finger of the left hand? According to the ancient Greeks, that is actually the “vein of love” that connects to your heart. Also, research shows that you can lessen the emotional pain of your partner by simply holding his hands. Also, a research shows that men who kiss their partners are likely to live up to 6 years longer.

  1. Give your partner some hug to show your love.

Do you know that some people love a good hug while some hate it? According to psychologists, there is something to do with how they were raised. If you often find it normal to hug someone, pat someone on the back, or link your arms with your friend, then it’s likely you also grew up in a sweeter, more loving environment.

If you were raised by parents who are non-huggers, you might find hugging even in the adulthood uncomfortable. Yes, a family that’s not physically demonstrative can affect its members even in the adulthood. On the other hand, some children who grew up felt starved for touch and love, which made them sweeter persons and even social huggers.

Did you know that a child that was raised on a non-hugging environment can have malfunctioning oxytocin systems? Even in the adulthood, this can affect relationships because the absence of oxytocin can make it harder to be more sociable.

More than that, self-confidence is one of the reasons why some people are more comfortable on physical touch. On the contrary, people with social anxiety find it uncomfortable being touched and hugged. Most experts recommend refraining hugging if someone is hug avoidant, unless you’re close. If he is your partner, then you absolutely have the right to hug him dearly.

  1. Pay attention and be a good listener.

Do you know that being a good listener is a good sign that your partner really loves you? This is especially true if he gives you an uninterrupted, undivided attention—no checking phone messages or checking social media sites while he’s talking to you.

Does your partner remember the important details that you said? From big things like celebratory dates that are important to you and conversations about your family to smaller things like your favorite song that you love to listen to and your favorite dish. You should also be a good listener when your partner talks. After all, communication is everything when it comes to relationships.

  1. Be your best, real self when you’re with him.

Most of the time, we tend to act like someone else just to look our best. But, if you really love your partner, you should show him the real you along with your flaws and weaknesses. This way, it will be easier for you to help each other strengthen your assets and overcome your weaknesses. In fact, one of the best things in a fulfilling relationship is helping each other to be a better person.

Are you being too naughty or silly when you’re with him? The reason might be you’re too comfortable with him, letting your guard down. When you’re with someone you love, you feel free to say anything even less important matters and not too personal things. Yes, it only shows that you really love and trust your partner.

  1. Be appreciative and say ‘thank you’.

If you’re not an expressive type of person, saying ‘thank you’ is easier than saying ‘I love you’. Keep in mind that it feels great to be appreciated by someone, and you even don’t like the thought that you’re being taken for granted. This is especially true if your partner really goes out of their way just for you, or makes that extra effort just to please you.

Do you know that being thankful also shows your respect and gratitude to your partner? More than saying the words ‘thank you’ you can also show your love and appreciation for him by giving him some gifts. Your partner might even pick up little things—think of chocolates, flowers, champagne, your favorite meal and such—that only shows how much he loves and appreciates you.

You must also know that some people are comfortable expressing appreciation and some aren’t. Some of the psychological reasons are being uncomfortable, and don’t see the need to say thank you. Most of the time, these people have social anxiety, or they might simply lack some interpersonal skills. Do you know that not being thankful can affect your romantic, social, and workplace relationships?

  1. Show some thoughtful gestures for him.

Showing your love for your partner doesn’t always be sound romantic as it can be as simple as lending a helping hand and such. Does your partner usually open the door for you, or do your chores like washing the dishes, cleaning the house and such? You may even thank him and express your appreciation because he did your laundry. After all, it feels great that he was able to lend you a hand without being asked. Do you believe that compromise can make relationships go round? It would be better if you’ll allow him to be good on some things and make him in charge of it.

You may even give him a phone call just to check if he’s doing fine at work. However, some people hate phone calls, or if not, just uncomfortable picking up the phone. Is your partner an introvert and not that sociable? If yes, then he might find himself a bit reluctant to talk with your on the phone.

It might surprise you that you need to get the conversation going even if you’re an extrovert. Or, it might be simply hard for him to multitask, especially if he’s doing something important. If he’s at work, it might be best to ask him first if it’s okay to phone him.

  1. Give him some space, but be there when he needs you.

Do you feel like you need some space to enjoy your night out with your friends? Then, you also need to give your partner some space to enjoy watching his favorite basketball game or good time drinking with his friends too. By giving him the space he needs, you also show that you care for his well-being. After all, everyone needs some ‘me’ time every now and then.

When it comes to friendship, it’s challenging to form real bond if someone choose to just pop in and out of your life. If you’ll ways check in with your partner wherever you are, whatever you do, it only shows that you care and you want him to be a big part of your busy life. If you love someone, you’ll find ways just to be with him as long as you can.

If someone tells you they need some space, let them. Do you know that a good space will allows you to know your needs, wants, and even expectations? Do you often fight and one of you leaves after a bad day together? Most of the time, you’ll need some time to clear your mind. Don’t fret as if someone really loves you, he’ll sticks around no matter how challenging to keep up with your relationship.

  1. Be kind to people he cares about.

Do you know that you can see a person’s real nature by observing him how he treat his own family? If you’ll be kind to people he loves, that will help to bring you closer together. He’ll be more comfortable having you on their family dinner, a get together with his friends, and be proud of you even when he’s at work. If you’re on the first stages of dating, you can also pay attention on how he treats strangers whether it’s a waiter in a restaurant, hotel clerk, and other people around.

If he listens well, he usually empathizes with you as well. This is more evident if he became affected when you feel bad about something, or feel excited about something. Since emotions are contagious, it will be better to stay positive and get rid of negativity in your life. After all, you want a healthy, loving relationship.

  1. Show that you’re proud to have him in your life.

If you have that someone you’re proud of, you’ll usually show him around whether you’re attending a party, family reunion, or having grocery together. If you’re a social media type of person, then you’ll normally posts photos with him, and showing how your family and friends love him. However, everyone is different, so don’t judge his love for you through the number of photos he posted on social media.

Remember, there are people who want to keep things low-key, especially in public. As long as he is not keeping you and your relationship a secret, it’s just good. After all, sweet feelings can make your life sweeter.

You don’t have to wait for special occasions or celebration just express how you feel. After all, surprising him each day with heart-warming messages is perfect. Thankfully, poets are able to find the words to express your love for your partner, and by taking inspiration from our sweet love quotes, you’ll be able to express your feelings of love for him.


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