Living The Paleo Way

Knowing A to Z of the Paleo diet is not going to be enough if you do not understand how to incorporate it into every aspect of your day to day life. Just eating the meals advised by the Paleo diet are not going to suffice our quest for a good healthy life, if we continue some of our habits which are not very good for us. So it is mandatory to follow a few things apart from the food that we will be consuming as a part of the Paleo diet derived from our ancestors.

If you pay detailed attention to the lifestyle of the cavemen, our ancestors, you will not fail to notice that they were extremely active in their daily routines. Firstly, they were nomads. Never settling permanently at one place, they were always on the move. That too, on foot. This kept them very active, alert and energetic. Today, we are so slaved by automobiles that walking has just become a gym activity. We should understand the importance of walking. It is one such activity that stresses out and flexes all muscles of our body, thus keeping us fit and active.

It is a beneficial and rather, a necessary activity that we should start following daily. Walking down to your workplace or to your house from your workplace, or if the workplace is far off, walking down some part of the way would indeed help. Preferring a walk over taking the car for a nearby visit to a shop or friend’s place can also help. Take the stairs instead of the lift. All this will keep you active and fitter.

The cavemen were people who thrived on wild animals for food to a great extent. Imagine the amount of exercise they would be undergoing while chasing a fast running deer, wild cat, rabbit and so on. We may not be able to do that much. But our daily dose of exercise should never be compromised. Yoga is a very relaxing and guaranteed exercise routine which eventually becomes a part of our life making it healthier and immune to diseases.

Apart from exercise and walking, there is another important suggestion here. Start living a simple way of life. As someone has said, ‘Simple living, high thinking’. By simple living, we mean a lifestyle which is eco friendly and is not a slow toxin to our health. In our attempt to live life in the faster lane, we automate, mechanize and manipulate several things. Use of excess locomotives, air conditioners, etc. is becoming a cause of so many ecological problems. Pollution, natural disasters, global warming are slowly but steadily taking a toll on human life and environment. Our fantasies like sun bathing, tanning, are actually a harmful punishment to our body and skin.

Understanding all these brutal realities and taking immediate action to try controlling these as much as we can, at least individually, must be a part of our life. If we manage to successfully amalgamate these attempts with the healthy Paleo diet, you can assuredly be on a better, healthier lifestyle for all your life.


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