How to Keep Motivation to Study and Complete Tasks Effectively

Different assignments, papers, and essays are the inevitable part of studying. Some students are fond of studying while other are not. But all students, despite their actual attitude to studying, have to fulfill all the required tasks.

The majority of students do not have any motivations if to talk about knowledge, skills, high grades, interesting assignments, etc. They do not have any wish to stay at home and study hard if there is an excellent weather outside and all their friends are walking and having rest.

But education is very important and without a good one, it is rather difficult to find a well-payed job. Whether you are at home finishing an Online Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree or attending a traditional university trying to cope up with your social science course, it is very important to keep you motivation up to keep going and be able to reach your goal. So if you have lost the motivation to study well, then there are several tips that will help you look at your education from another side and fully enjoy it.

  1. Imagine that you have already written the essay or assignment, for example. Think about those things that you can do after executing all tasks. For instance, you will be free to watch the movie, meet your friends, read a favorite book, play a computer game and so on. And to get all that without worrying that your assignment is not done. Just do that you have to and enjoy the day.
  2. If you have to do a lot of various tasks, then do not panic. Everything should be done step by step. Start from the most difficult and time-consuming assignments. And then proceed to easier ones. At the very end, do the tasks that are the most interesting for you.
  3. Point all assignments that you have to do. This can be done in a form of list. Then you highlight the most important ones with a close deadline. The visualization of the scope of work that you should perform will help to better plan your time and the direct work. After you finish the item, then cross it out or put a tick.
  4. Reward yourself after fulfilling some task. For example, if you learn new material, you will be able to call your friend, eat the candy or watch a funny video on YouTube.
  5. Do not postpone the execution of required assignment. Otherwise, you may face the snowball effect. And that the consequences can be terrible. So do not leave everything for the last moment. Do the tasks in time and you will have no troubles.
  6. To study hard is not very good as you will always be exhaustive and nervous. The brain will not work productively without healthy sleep and good rest. Do not overdo with your studying. Proceed to your assignment only if you are fresh and full of energy. Only in such a case, your studying will bring good results.
  7. Actually, high marks will not ensure the prestigious job with high salary. What is really important is knowledge and skills. In the modern world, greasy grind gets nothing. You should be really smart and intelligent to make all your dreams come true. So it is useless to lose the chance to get something new that you may need in the future.

But to study something, make an exercise or solve an equation may be not a big deal. The quite different situation is with essay writing. Here you should demonstrate all your skills. You should show that you are fully aware of the particular topic.

For the majority of students, the essays are a real disaster. The troubles may start from the very beginning. But, fortunately, if you do not know where to start your essay use this writing help service It can be rather effective way out. Besides that, further, there will be listed the first steps of effective essay writing.

How start to write an essay by using brainstorming?

  • If do not have any idea of what to write about, then you may use the technique of brainstorming. It is a very effective method. According to this technique, you or several people have one general topic, for example, politician system of a certain country or literature of a particular age.
  • Then you start to develop this topic by naming the related notions, terms, events or any other items. It is very important to point every suggested item. Besides that, you should not argue if you do not agree with a certain suggestion.
  • When you are run out of the ideas, then you can proceed to schematize your notes. Assign each of them a certain priority and establish the links between these items. If you see that some items are not really related to the general topic of your essay, then you can overscore them. But be careful in order not to miss something really important.
  • If the scheme is too big and it includes too many items, then try to make it smaller by leaving only interesting idea. The final scheme will help you to plan the structure and content of your essay.
  • After that, you can proceed to gather and analyze the necessary materials and sources. The scheme will clarify for you the general picture of the affairs and will help to easily cope with the task. Just follow the plan.

One may think that brainstorming is a time-consuming process and it is not so effective as it may seem. But be sure, it really works, especially if you have no idea what to start with. Looking to the empty page and waiting till the muse will come – what is to waste time.

To make the first step is the most difficult. And if you do not have anybody to help you, then it is even worst. In such a case, the brainstorming technique will be your so-called life-saver. Try it even for one time and you will see all its advantages.

But if your teacher explains what exactly he is expecting to see in your essay, then it simplifies the work much and you do not need any brainstorming. But such cases are very rare. Thus, you may start writing almost at once. Do not forget to divide your essay into three main parts: brief and clear introduction, constructive main part and logical conclusions. Provide the valid data and arguments and then you will get a high score.


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