Juggling parenting and college – you can do it!

There are both men and women today who take care of three responsibilities at once and these are career, parenting, and education. Despite the trend to marry later in life, a considerable number of people decide to start a family first and then continue with their studies.  

It is great to get married whenever you have met the right person. Yet forsaking your studies to make home for your family might not be a very good idea. Though some idealists may suggest that when you have a family, your primary goal is to support it, many others suggest that education can enhance your career and this can benefit your family in a better way.

If you are someone who is trying to juggle both parenting and college, you must be facing a lot of challenges. It may happen that you are not able to reach your classes on time; you may not be able to complete your assignments and so many other troubles. Here are some of the ways and tricks that can help you to manage your parenting and college together.

Get Your Write-Ups Done

Although colleges offer flexible hours and online courses, which is a great help for the working people as well as young parents, students still have to spend time preparing assignments and projects for the university.

Many studying parents face a lot of trouble in completing these assignments on time because they might be caught up in unexpected issues – their kid falling ill and so on. In such situations, the writing experts come of great help. If you are one of these struggling parents who finds herself in a tight knot, you can seek help from the experts of www.writemypapers.org and make preparing your papers much easier.

You just have to sign up and create a student profile. Every time when you need help, you just sign in your profile and get in touch with the experts who provide help with your work. You can get help in writing your assignments, projects, thesis, and many more. You just have to provide them with the topic, the assignment details, general college guidelines, and the time you need the work done.

The experts are great in such writing and you can be sure that the person writing your work is someone experienced in that particular subject or field. Proper research is conducted to get the correct information. You can be sure that the content provided by the writers is free from any kind of plagiarism and errors. This makes your work much easier and faster.

Get Your Certificate from Distance Learning

If you are studying in a regular college, you have to attend your classes every day and may have to spend most of it at auditoriums. This does not leave you much for daily chores, to say nothing about quality time with your family.

One of the best solutions to this is to enroll in a distance-learning university. You do not have to be at your college physically to be marked as present. You can watch the lectures online and save yourself daily commute time. On top of this, you can also be at home and have an eye on your kids. The registration is done online and your books and other materials are delivered at your doorstep. You can choose any convenient time, say when your child takes a nap or is out with your spouse, to spend an hour or two with your books.

The deadlines for your assignments and projects are given much in advance so that you have plenty of time to prepare them. Also, many universities allow you to select your own exam dates and times from the slots available in the timetable.

Get Help from Your Family

One of the major changes to family life seen in last years is dissolution of the extended family and even the decay of nuclear one. With young people moving out of their hometowns to get higher education, find a job, and start a family, more and more families are nuclear or single-parent. This means young parents must do without the support of grandparents, aunts and uncles, who no longer live nearby or even in the same house. Although people do this in order to have better career and independent life, there are various disadvantages linked to this choice. One of such disadvantages is most noticeable when you have kids.

When you live together with your extended family, and you are caught in between your parenting responsibilities, your career and your education, there is always a helping hand. Someone you can trust is there to watch your kinds for you and no childcare costs involved. Therefore, if you have a luxury of a choice, living near your closest relatives is preferable.

If you have no such option, than hiring a baby-sitter, at least occasionally, can be very helpful, although costly. Still, compared to regular daycare, this can a budget solution.

Juggling parenting, career, and academic load is a great struggle. Yet if there is any consolation it that – you are not alone! There are so many people who do not lose confidence and continue with their education along with their parenting responsibilities. Sometimes the task seems unsurmountable, but with the help of online tools and support of your family, you can manage and have the best of all worlds.



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