Items You Need When Travelling To Europe

Visited by more than 700 million tourists in 2017, Europe is undeniablely beautiful, sought after destination for many people around the world. It is home to a lot of world-renowned tourist spots. And is filled with amazing history, mesmerizing arts, fascinating culture, delicious cuisine, and stunning nature. It is a must-visit for many travelers.

Whether you like to experience the romantic air in Paris, France; walk the cobblestoned streets in Rome, Italy; wade through the waters in Venice; eat paella in Valencia, Spain; drinking a cozy coffee in a local shop in Finland or hike through the beautiful mountains of Switzerland – Europe will surely give you a memorable experience.

So if you are just a few steps from confirming your trip to this magnificent continent, here are some items you need to take with you to make the most of it.

A Reliable Bag

Europe has many different landscapes, one day you will be in a beautiful town and the next you may be on a rugged mountain so it is important to equip yourself with reliable luggage. There are two main choices for you, a suitcase or a backpack. Both of which have their own plus and minus.

With a backpack, you get more space. With pockets in every corner of it, you can extend the limit of the items you want to carry. Not to mention, it is also expandable. For suitcase, you get convenience and protection. Suitcases are more suitable for people with fragile items in their luggage. It also gives you a sense of convenience because it does not strain your back while traveling.

Depending on where you are going, you may need to choose a waterproof bag. There are also bags that have built-in charging ports. No matter the bag you choose, be sure to label it with your contact info. You can even add a tracker on it in case you lose it or if it’s stolen.


England, may have taken the center stage of Europe but the weather they portray that shows a good mixture of cloudiness, sunshine, and rain all in one day, is far from the whole geographical climate this continent has. The countries like Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, France, and other Mediterranean region have a good amount of sunshine that makes a good excuse to bring your most fashionable sunglasses.

Not only does it protect your beautiful face and glistening eyes from the harshness of the sun but it also helps you be always ready for a picture-perfect moment.

Outdoor Activity Items

These items will vary depending on the kind of activity you opt to do. Europe is a place for adventure and they are defined by the activities available for travelers to do. Bestowed with wonderful nature, this continent has everything an outdoorsy person would ever want.

From the stunning scenes in Austria like the Eagles Walk and Zell Am See-Kaprun to the biggest combined trail that passes through France, Italy and Switzerland called tour De Mont Blanc, hiking is probably the top contender for an adventure activity for this region. Be sure to prep basic items like comfortable hiking shoes, first-aid kit, refillable bottle water, sleeping gear, and appropriate weather clothing.

Recreational fishing, which is 3 billion pound industry in Great Britain, is also something you want to experience and be prepared for.  The best places to do this activity are Laxa River in Iceland, The Alps in Switzerland, Eio Ebro in Spain and Orkney Island in Scotland. The experience may feel the same but the kind of fish is pretty different which makes things exciting.

The most common fish you can catch here are:

  • Brown Trout
  • Grayling
  • Zander
  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Wels Catfish
  • European Perch

Versatile Blanket

Not the one you are going to use every night, but a blanket that can be used for various activities available for you to do in Europe. You will find that a versatile blanket will be immensely useful for you on many occasions.

For example, you can use the item for a romantic picnic somewhere in Paris, France. And when you fly to Spain, you can use it as a shoal or a cover when paying a visit to churches like the striking La Sagrada Familia. A trip to Greece, Croatia or Italy will require you a blanket for the perfect beach day.


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