Is it easy to be a female?

The sex of a child is determined by birth. It is something which can’t be controlled by man and henceforth something which we shouldn’t complain about either. Still, since time immemorial, there has been a debate about how easy or difficult it is for one to be a “female”.


Mankind has witnessed women or “females” as a sex, being downtrodden upon in innumerable societies. We live in a world where even now social evils like female infanticide exist even though on a microscopic level.  On the other hand though, this is also the same world wherein we witness “females” heading multi-national companies and also nations.

Living in a world where the crime rate especially the ones against women is at an all time high, one may be inclined to believe that it is indeed a very difficult task being a women .  We know of women in the Middle East being forced to wear burquas (black gowns) in order to ensure that nobody sees them. The dowry system is still very much prevalent in India and other countries and we also find women being restricted to household chores in some societies throughout the world.

Being a woman is no mean task, especially when it comes to one’s career.  A woman has got to make a lot of compromises especially with her career because unlike men, women have the gift of being able to give birth to a child. This also means that she’s got to take a break from her career and start all over again. Starting all over after a break is something which is as good as starting afresh. Neither can they be house wives as that would lead to vulnerability at the hands of unsupportive in-laws.

In such a cruel world as is ours, women need some sort of support in order to come up and do their bit for society and this support has to come from their families or peers. Nevertheless there are many women who have taken up the challenge and gone on to make it big in life. They are actually proud to be woman. These are very strong characters that have either warded of pressure from the society or have been fortunate enough to have very accommodating human beings around them. General perception, though now changing, is that females are more vulnerable than their male counterparts, whether at work or elsewhere. This has got a lot to do with the fact that most women are not as physically strong as men, which is also a factor that often leads to them losing out on jobs.

It thus can certainly not be considered easy to be a female in today’s male-dominated world but neither is it a very difficult thing. Women are stronger than men emotionally and this in a way works in their favor. It is thus their attitude that matters. Success beckons those who are willing to take the plunge. After all life isn’t a bed of roses for anybody.


  1. You have to admit that being a women is probably easier today than in our grandmother’s time.  It seems that, as women, we are the “demographic”, we are the ones who are really the engines of the economy.  However as long as men remain in the positions of power in industry and politics, major problems will take place.  We now have the education and the drive, but we are still maybe a generation away from being true leaders able to fix all the ills that men have imposed upon society over the years.  It’s only females who are truly able to advance our civilization, if not for women behind the men in power we would still be living in caves.  Men are out for themselves, very goal oriented and unwilling to “work and play well with others”, whereas women by nature co-operate with one another, and it’s only by this co-operation will we be able to bring true equally to all members of humanity.  We’ve make huge strides toward our goal over the past few decades and we are almost there

  2. In my opinion, women are much stronger emotionally than men.  Women have a full range of emotions and are well aware of them and able to use them to advantage, whereas men transfer all their emotions into anger, this is all they understand.  They are unable to deal with anything more complicated.

  3. If by “emotionally stronger” you mean crying about anything that doesn’t go according to your plan, then yes women are more emotionally stronger.
    You speak with such certainty about men,that someone may think you know everything about them. You can’t know everything about something, unless you are IT (or in this case “them”). But I am, and I can tell you, men are emotional too. They just choose not to show it much.
    In my opinion, that’s what emotional strength is. Feeling, but not showing it and keeping it to yourself.
    Also I respect your opinion. Although, as much as I respect it, I’ll have to disagree with you. But, in the end, men will be men and women will be women. We’ll always have our disagreements. We can debate all day long about this, but I won’t be able to change your mind, and you won’t be able to change mine. Bottom line? We can’t live without one another, so let’s just agree to disagree.


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