Incredible Benefits of vitamin C to the Body

Vitamins are vital to the body. They help to keep us healthy and enable our system to function well. We owe it to ourselves to get enough vitamins to maintain good health and fight against diseases that can degrade one’s life. And there are also different ways we can obtain vitamins.

There are also several vitamins, all of which are vital to the body. However, one of the vitamins that caught our attention is vitamin C. According to Mr Vitamins online, it’s one of the most active antioxidants that can strengthen the natural defense of the human body. So, in this post, we shall be looking at the benefits of vitamin C, and how it can impact one’s health.

  1. Lowers one’s risk of chronic diseases

Remember the benefits of antioxidants to the body? Incredible you may say. Interestingly, vitamin C is a solid antioxidant that can benefit the human body in many ways. As earlier stated, this vitamin can help to boost the natural defense of the body, and it’s a good thing going forward.

Now, what are antioxidants? They are molecules that help to boost our immune system. And they are very critical to the body too. They help to protect cells from being destroyed by harmful molecules known as free radicals.

Free radicals can accumulate in the body and cause a series of problems if allowed. When given a chance to accumulate in the human body, they promote a state called oxidative stress which gives rise to numerous chronic diseases.

The point is we all need enough vitamin C in the body to combat infection and stay healthy. And that we can have through the consumption of foods or taking the right supplements.

So it’s evident that increased consumption of vitamin C is good for the body. Studies show that when one increases the consumption of this vitamin, antioxidant levels can also grow by over 30 per cent which is a big plus. The natural defense and ability of the immune system to fight against or prevent inflammation will also increase.

  1. Help combat high blood pressure issues

Millions of people suffer from high blood pressure each year. So, it’s one of the conditions that one should not treat with kid’s gloves. In short, one-third of every adult in America is said to have BP (High Blood) pressure issues, which shows how critical this condition has become.

High blood pressure exposes one to hypertension, which is a well-known silent killer. It’s called a silent killer because it does not give notification before striking a patient dead. And one may never find out that he or she is hypertensive unless a test is conducted. In other words, it doesn’t give any visible sign before striking, like other diseases. Hypertension is also one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

Now the question is how vitamins can help. First, studies have reported that vitamin C can play a significant role in regulating one’s blood pressure. It can reduce blood pressure in individuals that have or yet to have the condition.

  1. Lowers risk of heart disease

The number of deaths caused by heart diseases throughout the world is alarming. It has also gotten many world health bodies on their toes. But as you may have probably heard, one of the major factors that give rise to this condition is high blood pressure.

It can also result when one has higher levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and incredibly lower levels of the HDL (good) cholesterol levels. But again, vitamin C comes to the rescue. It can lower these risk factors and reduce the risk of heart disease.

One analysis conducted on 13 studies, looking at the impact of consuming at least 500mg of vitamin C on a daily basis to reduce the risk factors of heart disease, triglyceride and cholesterol levels, produced an impressive outcome.

The analysis detected that vitamin C consumption reduces bad cholesterol levels further to about 7.9 mg/dl. Blood triglycerides also went down by 20.1 mg/dl.

  1. Prevents gout attack and lower blood uric acid levels

Many Americans are suffering from gout. Looking at the statistics, 4 per cent of Americans have gout, another form of arthritis. Gout is not a condition one should treat with kid’s gloves. It causes swelling and a severe attack of pain that could be very disturbing.

However, the symptoms of this condition become prominent when one has excess uric acid in the blood. It’s a waste product released by the body but can become a nightmare when present in the excess amount. It crystallizes when in excess amount in the body and stays in the joints.

However, the good news is that vitamin C has been shown to be beneficial in such situations. Studies show that it can help to lower uric acid when in excess amount in one’s blood. So it ultimately, since vitamin C has the power to reduce levels of uric acid, it then can protect one against gout attacks.

  1. Protects the memory as you age

Dementia is a term used to classify symptoms relating to poor memory, as well as thinking. A lot of people are experiencing this issue too. In short, over 35 million people throughout the world, most especially adults, are suffering from this condition.

However, several studies conducted have shown that issues like oxidative stress, as well as inflammation near one’s spine, brain and nerves are responsible for the above condition. In other words, it can increase one’s risk of having dementia.

But that’s where vitamin C comes into the picture. As earlier said, it’s a powerful antioxidant that prevents inflammation and can also do the same for dementia, especially for the elderly ones. Furthermore, increased vitamin C consumption from either supplements or food has shown to protect one’s memory and reasoning, with age.


Vitamin C is not the only vitamins vital for healthy living. But because of its incredible antioxidant properties, it does have an incredible contribution. It also offers loads of benefits that one cannot resist. You can have this vitamin through food or supplementation.