Human Growth Hormone in Sports: Real Feedback

Almost since the therapy has been developed, the hgh was used exclusively in health care, however, over time, it started to be used by athletes, including bodybuilders. Due to its specific characteristics, human growth hormone could have an anabolic effect, reduce the percentage of fat in the body and help to recover quickly after injuries. Instead of talking a lot about this, it’s best to get acquainted with real feedback about the hgh before and after effects .

Somatotropin (also known as a growth hormone) is a peptide hormone of a pre pituitary gland, which is used not only for muscle building, but also for healing injuries and anti-aging. In other words, this component is useful to almost everyone and is used by the body, in fact, almost in all processes.

What Can You Get Using HGH?

Considering hgh through the prism of bodybuilding, we can distinguish its following useful properties:

– it stimulates the growth of muscle mass;

– it promotes fat burning;

– it suppresses the processes of catabolism;

– it rejuvenates the body;

– it strengthens bone tissue, ligaments, and tendons;

– it improves the protective functions of the body.

Human growth hormone, therefore, is crucial for bodybuilding, especially for professionals.

Testimonials about the HGH

“I want to share information about taking HGH. The necessity of this was brewing for a long time: I could not overcome the plateau, and the body did not change despite the new training plans.

I felt and saw the effect of the hgh almost immediately. After a week of intake, I already increased muscle mass both visually and on scales. A nice bonus was the increase in strength and endurance. After a month and a half, something like a fat burning effect appeared: the muscles became more rippling, but did not diminish in volume.”

“The usual problem for experienced powerlifters is the stagnation in force indicators. It was necessary to solve this problem immediately, since important competitions were planned and the only correct solution was the use of growth hormone.

I gained weight (up to 10 kg) significantly during two months, while strength indicators have been improved even more. Regarding the side effects, I cannot say anything negative, because the plan of treatment was well developed, and I tried to comply with all the rules of the use.”

“My story with a growth hormone is probably unusual because I’m a girl. I learned about this popular method of female rejuvenation when I was in the US. I became interested.

I took the medication for a little more than two months. As a result of persistent training and frenzied motivation, I managed to lose about  3 kg of fat, while the percentage of muscles increased. Moreover, fat in the abdomen area almost disappeared, cubes of the press appeared, and the buttocks became trimmer. I also noticed that the skin looks healthier and smoother.”

Despite the fact that the human growth hormone may be efficient for muscle gain in bodybuilding, this can be taken by the athletes only according to the doctor’s prescription, and according to a strict program developed for each separate athlete by the coach.


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