How to Resist the Temptation of Eating Restricted Foods When Dieting

It is frustrating when you try your best to follow a diet plan, but you always feel tempted to eat what you cannot. Most diet programs ban you from eating certain dishes. Some ideas vilify carbs as the primary reason for weight gain. Others require you to stick with a plant-based diet. Regardless of your chosen diet plan, it might be difficult for you to follow through. Once you fail for a day, it would be challenging to get back on track. Therefore, you need to try everything possible to resist temptation. These tips could be useful to you.

  • Reject invitations to eat out. When your friends invite you to eat out, it does not hurt to decline. They might feel bad that you said no, but if they understand your goal, they will be okay with it. However, if they assure you that you are going to a place where you can order dishes that fit your diet, you could go with them. If you think you cannot resist the temptation since they are heading to a place you used to love, it is best to decline.
  • Replace everything in your fridge. It also helps if you change the contents of your fridge to foods that are okay to eat under your diet program. Even when you sneak in at night, you are still going to eat healthily. Better yet, you can empty your fridge to avoid getting tempted altogether. You also need to ask your family to cooperate with you and understand your goals.
  • Change your route. On your way to work, you might pass by areas where you might get tempted to buy food. Change your route if you wish to avoid temptation. As long as you keep passing by that site, you will not evade temptation. Sometimes, the smell of the food alone is enough to attract your attention.
  • Always have a healthy snack with you. When you feel tempted to eat a restricted food, you need to grab something else to eat. When you are already eating, you will forget that you craved that restricted meal. Sometimes, your senses could trick you, and in doing this, you can resist getting tempted. At work, you need a supply of healthy snacks in your drawer. You also need some in your bag.
  • Cook at home. Instead of eating out in places where you know they have nothing healthy to eat, you can stay home. Learn to cook different recipes so that you can cook right away as soon as you feel hungry. You can even entice your entire family to follow your diet plan.
  • Never be hungry. Although some diet plans involve fasting, it is not sustainable because once you get too hungry, you will eat a lot and make up what you lost. Therefore, if you want to eat, it is okay, as long as you eat in small amounts. You also need to choose the food you love so that even when you already have a small bite, it is enough to stop your cravings.
  • Gradually implement your diet plan. The problem when you go on a diet is that you might drastically change everything. It is not going to help you because your body is incapable of making such huge adjustments. Therefore, you need to gradually implement the diet plan up until you are comfortable with it.
  • Bring your own food to a party. When invited to go to a party, you would not know what foods the host will serve. If you do not want to get hungry while you are there, it helps if you bring your own food. It will also not look awkward when everyone is eating and you are not.
  • Be careful with having a cheat day. Some people suggest having a cheat day when following a diet plan because it allows you to take a break from a rigid program. The problem is that when you have a taste of life before you started dieting, it might be difficult to go back to where you were with the diet plan. Avoid having a cheat day if you cannot control yourself.

You might find the process complicated at first but, eventually, you will get used to it. Before you start dieting, you can grab some of the best meals at Kosher restaurants in NYC. Since kosher meals are healthy, you might choose to keep eating in those restaurants in the future.


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