How to Move with a Cat

Moving from one place to another is a stressful process for the whole family. And animals are not an exception. They are even more stress susceptible than people. And if you have a cat, a moving day can become a disaster for both of you. As for cats, there is really no place like home. They find moving to be incredibly stressful and confusing. But no matter how far you’re going to move, there is always a way out on how to organize this process better.

Today, we’re going to provide some really significant steps you can do to reduce your cat’s’ stress on a move day and to help it to adjust to a new home faster. To be able to take care of your pet on a relocation day, you have to care for your belongings first. That means solving the main moving problem all people have – finding a reliable mover. We would be happy to help you, whenever you’re moving to. Unfortunately, we don’t know all moving companies all over the world. But we know one really good choice for those who live in the LA area. If you are looking for culver city moving on you’ll find out what we’re talking about.

And now let’s take care of your cat.


Moving with a Cat

Moving with the cats slightly differs from moving with the dogs. As they have a lot of different issues, which can’t be ignored. Cats are animals of habit. That means they don’t like to move and to change the place they have already used to. It is very important to make their moving process a little bit more stress-free. So, what can you do?

6 Basic Tips

      Introduce your pet to a carrier. Put some treats inside a carrier and let your cat get inside too. But don’t force it. Let your pet get used to the carrier by itself. You can put a towel or a small blanket inside to make it even more comfortable.

      Take a free box and let your cat crawl into it. Introduce your pet to the boxes and cardboards around in advance.

       If you’re going to transfer your pet in a car, make sure that during that trip it has chances to go to the bathroom and eat and drink.

      While being in a car, don’t put air-conditioning vents or heat directly on the carrier with your cat.

      Plan a couple of test drives in advance, gradually increasing their length. This is especially important if you’re going to move on the long distances.

  • Make sure your cat is secure inside the car. Sometimes they may run away from the car which is not good news for you. If they get lost you can report you cat to lost cat finder, they can help you find it.



Adjust Your Cat to a New Home

To adjust your pet to a new home, give it some time to explore the new territory. Organize a small area full of your cat’s favorite toys. And just give it some time to get used to a new place.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to organize a stress-free and enjoyable moving process for your family pet.



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