How to find fashion discounts and money off vouchers

Fashion Need Not Cost the Earth

For many, fashion is an addiction. Some people just can’t resist shop windows with new, sparkly heels or a leather handbag in this season’s color- but unfortunately the recession has changed the way many people think about buying new clothes. Many women, especially those with families are trying hard to cut back on buying fashion. We’re getting less and less for our money now because of the economy, so finding ways to buy clothing that is cost effective yet stylish and flattering is becoming more and more important. You can still look sultry and stylish without having to dig deep into your bank account. has put together a few hints and tips on how to get the most out of your money in the fashion world…

Use vouchers/voucher codes

The vouchers market has grown 50% year on year since the beginning of the recession, meaning that more and more people are trying to bag themselves a bargain. Many high street retailers offer special discounts to draw people into their shops, and now that the vouchers market is so competitive it means that more retailers are jumping on the bandwagon. Before you buy anything online or offline make sure you check if there are any vouchers for that retailer or any specific vouchers for a certain item. This will ensure that you’re not missing out on saving some money.

Charity shops

You’d be surprised at the gems you can find in charity shops. All kinds of people donate clothing and accessories to charity, whether they’re young, old, small or large- so you never know, you could find something of worth. Some people may be put off shopping in charity shops because they would rather not wear second hand clothes- which is fine- but you can find some really original and vintage pieces in charity shops. You could also choose to have a rummage around some vintage shops as well, who specialize in finding one-off, unique fashions- however these tend to be more expensive.

Bargain bins

Near enough any fashion shop will have a bargain bin or basket full of goods that have come to the end of their line. These can include smaller items and accessories, like scarves, tights, broaches, earrings, socks etc at a fraction of the price as they once had been and you might find the perfect addition to finish off an outfit you’ve been planning.


Make your own fashion statement by customizing your own clothes and accessories. Simply buy a plain t-shirt or a plain bag and add things to it like sequins or buttons, or stitch on your favorite pattern. You could even buy different materials and layer them on to make different shapes and add new dimensions to the piece. Customizing can be very cheap- just head down to your local haberdashery or crafts shop and see if there is anything that sticks out. You could buy stencils and draw on the material with material pens and create a design that near enough no one else will have. You could also choose a variety of sequins, ribbons or buttons and create patterns with them, which will create an expensive looking piece for a fraction of the price.

Sign up to newsletters

It’s safe to say that near enough all fashion retailers will have a presence on the internet, whether they’re a retail giant or a small independent fashion business. Follow your favorites on Twitter, add them on Facebook and sign up to their newsletter- often you will find special offers are given to loyal fans and you will have access to their competitions and deals before anyone else. What’s more, you won’t have to do much to get access to these discounts or competitions. Many companies run competitions of Twitter where all you have to do is ‘Retweet’ a post to enter and you will be informed if you win. For special promotions and discounts all you need to do is have a quick scan of the newsletter and it will be evident if there is a saving to be had as you will be able to print off the voucher or use a code online.


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