How To Find And Date A Norwegian Guy

Nowadays, the world is becoming more and more interconnected. And not only in terms of technologies and online connection but also in terms of multiculturalism and international marriages. Obviously, the Internet has played a crucial role in this by allowing people from far and wide to come in contact and communicate. In some cases, these communications could have resulted in the founding of a family or the beginning of the long-lasting relationship.

If you are looking for new love experiences beyond the boundaries of your country, we have a nice option for you to try. Marvelous Scandinavia, a rocky and cold land, surrounded by seas and oceans with handsome and rough Scandinavian men. Therefore, if you are looking for some personal matchmaking in Norway, you ought to try special service CupidTrust which would help you significantly to find and sustain relationship there!

How Norwegians Date: All Ins And Outs Of Scandinavian Love

However helpful matchmaking services may be, you still have to do some homework to get a better idea of the country and people inhabiting it. Since there are no two same cultures in the world, it is important to take proper account of how things may differ in Norway from where you come from. In this article, we will talk about Norwegian understanding of dating and its implications of the daily life of foreign women there.

So, here is a list of important issues to know about Norway and its men:

  • no common dates: if you are expecting your match to pick you up at 8 pm, drive you to the restaurant or even organize some kind of romantic surprise, Norway is not the country for you. In many cases, to go on a date means for them to do something together outside like hiking or sight-seeing. Moreover, it is not common to make surprises or bring flowers. For them, romance lies in different things like nature.
  • equality in everything: apart from paying for yourself in those rare cases you go to a restaurant or cafe, a woman has to be initiative in many cases. To begin with, you should never wait for a guy you have fancied to approach you at the party or in the bar. If you feel him appealing, you are more than welcome to do a first step as this is even more common for them than a vice versa situation. These men really are too shy and usually unable to approach you first. Therefore, if you want it, you should take it and no waiting is allowed;
  • independence above all: the last but not least, here relationships are build on the all-consuming trust and complete absence of control. If you love your partner, you should let him or her be independent in choices and life decisions. This means a strict “no” to all the messages’ stalking and jealous attitudes towards same-sex friends. For them love means trust and freedom, that is it.

To wrap things up, it is quite an adventure dating a Norwegian, provided that you are ready for their ways and methods in love.


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