How Should a Couple Behave on Public?

Every day, it is possible to meet the couples who are in love in parks, at parties or simply wandering the streets. The way they behave depends on many factors, for instance: the state of a relationship, the psychological readiness to reveal feelings on the public, the way of upbringing along with the social rules acceptable in every particular country.

As for the state of the relationship, it is almost a rule that a couple tends to express their feelings in public at the beginning of a relationship. With a strong passion and being in love, they cannot control their emotions even in public places. It has nothing to do with age as these feelings are quite strong. Holding their hands, hugging, and kissing each other all the time is quite essential for those who are on a honeymoon. What can be a better way to prove one’s love than to inform all the world around that you are in love.

All People are Diverse

However, it is known that there are introverts and extroverts. The first ones prefer keeping their life, not only private, in confidentiality. This is not only the issue of privacy as a relationship is not something to be boasted of. Some people are quite superstitious, thus, in order not to be exposed to evil eyes, they tend to keep relations in intimacy.

The other ones kiss and hug in public places without being shy or ashamed. Besides, there are even people participating in reallifecam projects. Indeed, for some people, it is essential to express their feelings and emotions in public. This is their way to inform the world about their love. On the other hand, they can be so much in love that they are completely submerged in their feelings without even noticing the surrounding people.

Of course, the couples on a honeymoon have got the right to express their love. They have deserved it to celebrate the most important event in their lives. Though there are countries in which public kisses or hugs are prohibited, it will be required to pay fine or even such couples may be sentenced to jail. Thus, choosing a perfect place for a honeymoon, a couple shall not forget to check for the legislation in force so that not to get in trouble on a vacation.

The Most Strict Rules and Restrictions Worldwide

  • In Abu-Dhabi, the kissing couple can be imprisoned for ten days, while in Dubai, for kissing a woman’s cheek one will be obliged to pay a penalty;
  • Besides, in Dubai, it is not allowed to take pictures of people without their permission, so it is better to look around before getting a camera out of a beg;

  • Indonesia is way more strict as the expression of feelings in public is equaled to pornography, thus, the couple exposing feelings can be sentenced up to ten years;
  • In Iran along with many other Muslim countries, people can be imprisoned for kissing and other public feelings’ expressing;
  • In Mexico, public kisses are prohibited;
  • Being in Malaysia, it is better even not to touch one’s head and not to use a pointing finger for showing something;
  • The kisses are forbidden in the British underground;
  • In France, it is not allowed to kiss before trains’ departure as it causes delays in schedules.

In most cases, it is prohibited to express feelings and kiss in public in Muslim countries. Traveling to the states with strict religious rules, people shall be aware of the local restrictions so that to avoid possible problems. However, in the non-Muslim world, it does not mean that too explicit openness and love expression will be warmly accepted by the surrounding people who can be involved in their own problems, especially those related to love life.

As in every particular field, each behavior has its own place and time. Irrespective of the age and the types of personality, it is not recommended to express feelings at official venues, in church or at a kids’ event. Especially a children’s playground or a park is not an appropriate place to express affection. Despite the personal feelings, emotions, and desires, it is always appreciated when a couple respects the feelings and emotions of the surrounding people.

On the other hand, kissing on the public can be quite normal at a festival, party or on a picnic. Thus, choosing a suitable place, a couple may be free to express love and affection.

Everything is acceptable in moderation. The most important is to be familiar with the local laws and restrictions as well as consider if a spot is suitable for public kisses and hugs. Besides, there is something romantic in expectation. Waiting for the possibility to embrace one’s partner may bring more satisfaction when a couple finally gets home and close the door.


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