How Room Color Affects Your Mood

Colors can affect your mood like no other. It’s very important to choose the right color for each room, otherwise, you will end up some a lot of negative energy in your home. The color of our room does not only affect our mood, it affects our thoughts, too.

Colors affect us in many different ways, depending on gender, ethnicity, age, and climate. Colors are divided into groups and each group tends to get a similar reaction from most people. That’s why you should be very careful when you’re choosing the color scheme for your house.

Also, avoid following trends when it comes to your house. Trends come and go, but the warmth and harmony of your home are forever. The key thing in choosing the right colors for each room is to implement your favorite colors with something that is appropriate. If you’re not sure about your choices, you should contact a professional service that will advise you.

Here is how each room color can affect your mood.

  1. Red

Red is a very powerful color that raises the energy of the room. This is probably one of the most intense colors. Red can pump people’s adrenaline levels like no other color. Red can be implemented in rooms where you want more physical activity, especially at night. It can be used in the dining room or living room. Red makes people converse and that’s it best to implement it in rooms where group gatherings happen.


Also, because red has is known for raising blood pressure and heart rate, it’s best to avoid it using it in bedroom areas. If you’re thinking about hiring a professional painting service, give Inti Painting & Power Washing a call to give your room the magic makeover they deserve.


Yellow signals happiness and vibrancy. It’s a fantastic choice for bathrooms, kitchen areas or dining room because it lifts the mood and energizes people. Also, yellow can be a great choice for small spaces and halls because it’s warm and welcoming.


Even though this color might be very uplifting and cheerful, it won’t be a smart move to go for yellow as a main color. Too much yellow in a room can evoke aggression in people. According to research, babies cry more in yellow rooms.


Blue is one of the most relaxing colors and it is believed to bring down people’s blood pressure and slow down the heart rate. Blue represents the sea and oceans. That’s why blue would be a great choice for bathrooms and bedrooms, areas where people can relax.

Pastel blues can appeal as chilly on your walls or furnishings. It’s a great idea to combine light blue as the main color scheme with a warmer shade for fabrics and furnishings.


White, Brown, Black & Gray

This combination of shades and color fall into the ‘neutral’ group color. These color schemes are great because of their flexibility and they are always in style. You can combine them with color accents to give your home a modern look.

Black is recommended to be used as an accent not as the main color scheme. Interior designers advise using black to give your room depth. White, on the other hand, signals something fresh and clean. That’s why it’s best to paint your kitchen white. You can search the net to find out how to paint kitchen cabinets white and your kitchen will look like a million dollars.


Purple is the king of the color because it’s a sign of royalty. It is dramatic, rich and very sophisticated. Purple is associated with creativity and luxury. It can be used as a secondary color or an accent, to give your room some depth. Purple is best to use it in living room or bedroom as an accent.


Orange creates energy and enthusiasm. According to research, orange is the best choice for the gym. In the old times, this color is believed to have healing abilities and increase people’s energy levels.


Green is one of the most relaxing colors for your eyes because it reminds us of nature. You can combine green with blue and yellow to give your room a well-balanced area of rest, happiness, and freshness. Green acts differently in different areas. For example, green in the kitchen cools things down and in the living room, evokes relaxing and promotes togetherness.


This color can irritate people easily. Crimson can evoke feelings of hostility and rage. It is best to avoid this color as the main color of your room because sitting for a longer period of time will have a negative effect on your guests and you, as well.

Colors play an enormous part in our everyday lives. That’s why you choose wisely before you go and paint your house in the wrong color because you might be stuck with it for a long time. Do your research or hire a professional to assist you before you make a decision. Colors are emotions and that’s why they are so important.