The hottest actor of 2017

This is for all you lovely ladies out there who know what’s best for you! We have collected the hottest actors of 2017 just for you! So, sit back, grab a glass of wine and relax with these hot gentlemen.

1)    Theo James

Theo is mostly known for his role in the Divergent franchise as Tobias or 4. However, his sexiest role is in Underworld Awakening and Blood Wars where he resumed a role as a powerful Vampire next to the beautiful Kate Beckinsale! He is 33, raised in the UK and unfortunately for us, in a relationship. 

2)    Hugh Jackman

Wolverine. Nothing more to say. Just Wolverine. Yes, the one we all dream about at night! Hugh Jackman, now 49 years old and smouldering hot, is the man behind The Prestige, X-Men, Kate and Leopold and so many more memorable performances! 

Mostly known and famous for his part in the Star Wars franchise as Poe Dameron, Oscar is one of the most handsome gentlemen in our list! His most great performance is in Ex-machina, where he had a more dramatic role. He is 38 and also taken! 

An all-time favourite, Brad Pitt has a long history of sexy images! From Fight club to World War Z, he has all of us drooling on screens. He is now 54 and soon to be single! Ladies, time to accidentally bump into him on the street! 

3)    Jason Momoa

There is a common phrase out there that goes: “If you don’t know him, we can’t be friends!”. We could say this should apply to the whole list, but Jason, aka Khal Drogo and Ronon Dex, has a very special place in our hearts! Our very own beloved Mr Green is very much in love so hold your horses, ladies! 

4)    Liam Hemsworth

Who did not enjoy the Hunger Games? Even more so, the character Gale, friend zoned constantly by Katniss! Liam has it all! Beauty, brains and the ability to look at us behind the screens with our jaws on the floor! Did we mention he is also a vegan? 

5)    Jeremy Renner

Our extremely hot Hawkeye, most known for his role in the Arrival is unique, sexy and most importantly, he is single! Born in 1971, Jeremy has a vast career of mostly supporting roles which we all loved! 

6)    Ian Somerhalder

There sure is something alluring about vampires! Ian, aka Damon Salvatore, is the bad brother from The Vampire Diaries and we love every bit of his bad-boy attitude! Currently 39 years old and happily married! 

7)    David Tennant

Our sexy actor number 9 is The Doctor David Tennant! We have deliberately put him in this spot just to mess with all you Whovians a bit! We know you love him! However, we must say that his dark side is much sexier than his geeky side if we learned anything from his part in Jessica Jones as Kilgrave! If only we had a blue box to go and meet him before he met his wife! 

8)    Jensen Ackles

Did you really expect that a Winchester would not make our list? You were sadly mistaken! Jensen Ackles, aka Dean Winchester, is our sexiest anti-hero and to this, we cannot look at an Impala without both thinking of him and being totally and overly excited! 

There is a vast sea of magnificent, smart and sexy actors out there! These are by far our favourite ones and they are finger-licking good! Do let us know in the comments which ones are your favourites! Sexy faces are always on our wish list after all!


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