Has The Advancements In Technology Aided Both Learning And Teaching Schools?

Education is a critical part of a person’s life. Children begin learning from birth and research suggests that, up until the age of 12, the education a child receives is extremely important in terms of developing their skills.
With computers and other more advanced methods of teaching being a more common place within schools, they can be used more regularly to aid both learning and teaching.

Let’s take a look at the top five examples:


Perhaps the most obvious technology used in all modern schools now is computers. Although these have been available in schools for quite some time, they are now more common and with the new curriculum which was announced last year, all children will now be taught how to code.

Toys and games are often available on computers for younger children to aid their learning, while older kids can be given platforms such as a laptop or a tablet to complete research while in the classroom. Even teachers can use touch screen computers to do a presentation or conduct a lecture to students. It is important for schools to provide children with a wide choice of supplies such as from hope education to develop their learning whilst in school.

Computers have opened schools to a more digital world by the means of interactive learning. While books and textbooks are still important, computers allow children to find different methods such as video’s or infographics which can suit their own learning style.

Foreign Language Apps
Learning a foreign language as a child can be highly beneficial and the advancements in technology now makes it easier for children to learn a second language at school by using different apps. These apps can be programmed onto all types of computers, as well as mobile devices and will not only teach foreign languages but also test pupils as they learn.

Twitter Accounts
Some schools have their own Twitter accounts with hashtags that are used to communicate between classrooms and classmates. These can be used to tell friends about upcoming tests, events, meetings, reminders, to discuss projects, contests or awards. Facebook pages can also be used for the same purposes and they can be used by an entire school or within a class.

Digital Games
Young children can learn a lot through playing games, and with digital or online games becoming more common in many schools, children are able to not only learn but advance their computer skills. Games can be played by one pupil or in a group and they are used to motivate youngsters to want to learn via a fun platform. Playing digital games is a simple way to engage children and they can be filled with information and data that children take in far better than during a more tradition teaching method, due to the informal way of teaching.

Classroom Management Tools
It’s not only children who have benefitted from new technologies as teachers can also use modern tools to help them to do their job better. Classroom management tools allow teachers to track the behaviour of children in their classes by documenting different behaviour instances. This allows teachers to provide parents with feedback quickly and clearly, through their documented logs.

The above information can help parents and teachers to understand how important it is to develop children through the use of modern technologies and the future of the education supplies industry is set to have a positive impact on people in the future.


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