How To Handle Studies And Work At The Same Time

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student studying at college or university or if you are thinking about enrolling in an online course, it is paramount to know how to handle studies and a job at the same time in order to ensure success. Luckily, handling studies, handing your essay in on time, running it through the best plagiarism checker to ensure accuracy and amending where appropriate, and working all at the same time doesn’t have to be a whirlwind. There are plenty of ways you can ensure you handle studies and work at the same time this semester with ease. From finding a suitable work-study position that ensures you don’t lose focus, to determining the number of hours you can work per week to make sure it is all possible, take a look at our top tips to stay on top of your studies while holding down a job below.

“Work-Study” Positions

One of the most effective ways to handle studies and work at the same time is to get a “work-study” position. A number of colleges and universities alike offer these exclusive positions to students across to globe to enable them to work and study at the same time without complication. Not only are work-study positions designed for students, and thus easier to fit into a student’s weekly schedule, but some work-study positions are connected to a financial aid award that goes towards various student expenses, which is perfect to ensure students can continue studying at their desired college or university. In order to find new work-study positions, we suggest registering on an email list provided by your college or university so that you can be contacted as soon as a new exciting opportunity becomes available.

Consider The Number Of Hours You Can Work Per Week

In order to successfully handle studies and work at the same time, before you jump into your job search, you should consider the number of hours you can comfortably work per week. By considering the number of hours you can work per week, you can approach potential employers with confidence and a clear strategy in mind that will ultimately help you balance work and study, and help the employee decide whether you are a suitable candidate for the advertised position. Moreover, this will help ensure you still have enough “you” time to do the things you enjoy, which is paramount for a good student experience.

Take A Break

Yet another way to handle studies and work at the same time is to take a well-deserved break. While it might not always seem possible to take a break, allow yourself some time to relax, whether it is half an hour in the morning or just before bed. During this time, leave your phone on your beside table, set aside your assignments and watch your favourite TV show or read a book, for example. By taking a break and logging off for an hour or two each day, you will feel much more positive and experience a boost of creativity prior to the day ahead.

Create An Efficient Study Routine

Once you have secured your “work-study” position or another work opportunity and have discussed the number of hours you can work per week with your new employer, in order to effectively handle studies and work at the same time, you should create a study routine. Your study routine should identify the days and time in which you will study, based around your given work timetable. This will help ensure you keep on top of things, and ensure your study isn’t put at risk. On some occasions, depending on how flexible your new employer is, you may even be given the opportunity to decide what days you work, as long as you complete the required amount of hours per week, which is perfect for students that have commitments elsewhere!

There are numerous ways that you can handle studies and work at the same time without putting either at risk. Whilst it might be difficult to initially handle studies and work, you can easily overcome the challenge by considering taking on a work-study position on behalf of your college or university or creating an efficient study routine prior to your starting date to ensure you stay focused. How do you best keep on top of studies and work?


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