Hairstyles for Prom : Choosing The Right Style !

Prom night is a huge night in the life of any teenage girl. You want everything to be perfect and your hair is no exception. There are many cute hairstyles for prom to choose from for all types of hair. Before we get to the styles themselves, let’s take a moment or two to talk about choosing the right style for you and how to make sure your hair looks awesome all night.


When you’re choosing your style, here are ten questions you should ask yourself to narrow down your choices:

  1. Do you want to use a hair accessory or keep it simpler?
  2. How are you most comfortable?
  3. What kind of hairstyle would work best with your dress?
  4. What kind of weather should you expect to deal with on prom night (always plan for the worst case scenario)?
  5. Does your hair hold a curl?
  6. Is your hair thick or thin?
  7. Is there a feature of your face you’d like to accentuate?
  8. Do you want to wear your hair up, down or a combination of both?
  9. Are you looking for something casual, classy or somewhere in between?
  10. Do you want a style you can do on your own or are you willing to spend a little time at the salon?

With those questions asked and answered, you should really be able to narrow down your styles to a few exceptionally cute hairstyles for prom. Now it’s time to narrow it down to the perfect style for you. It’s really not all that difficult, even if you have several options to choose from. Here is a quick step by step guide to help you choose the right look.

  • Step One: Try out the different styles to see which ones you’re capable of doing on your own.
  • Step Two: Wear your prom dress and jewelry with each different style to see which one best compliments your dress.
  • Step Three: Dance around a little bit with each different style. This will give you an idea of how well the ‘do will hold up for prom night. Eliminate any styles that need touching up constantly, no matter how cute. You’ll regret a super high maintenance hairstyle on prom night.
  • Step Four: Take pictures of yourself in your prom dress, shoes and jewelry wearing each of the different styles and compare those pictures. Choose your top three favorites.
  • Step Five: Dedicate one entire day to each of your top three favorite hairstyles. Wear it around the house without taking any special care to baby it. Just go about your day as you normally would. At the end of the day, ask yourself how the style looks? Choose the style that held up the best and was the most comfortable.

So now you have the right hairstyle. How should you go about keeping it photo ready all evening long? Well, all hairstyles are going to need at least a little upkeep over the course of the evening but you can full on hair emergencies by preparing a small hair emergency repair kit you can carry in your purse. I would recommend doing the same thing with makeup. Your hair emergency repair kit should include:

  • Spare hair pins
  • A mist bottle for water
  • A travel size bottle of hairspray
  • Spare hair elastics or ties
  • An extra hair accessory similar to the one you’re wearing (if you’re wearing one) in case the one you’re wearing breaks

Your hair emergency kit can also come in handy if you decide to put your hair up over the course of the evening if you’re worn it down or if you’ve worn it up and decide to let it down. This little kit can also make you pretty popular among the other girls should they come less prepared and face hair emergencies of their own.

Okay, we’ve got all of that out of the way. It’s time for the fun part – looking at the styles!


Romantic Curls Up-Do

This one works best on oval or round face shapes with medium to thick hair. It’s a beautiful, elegant, classic look and works great with just about any style of dress.

Get This Look:

  • Step One: Apply sculpting gel to dry hair.
  • Step Two: Use a curling iron with a large barrel to set hair. Pin each curl up.
  • Step Three: Allow curls to dry and then remove the pins.
  • Step Four: Gather your hair at the crown of your head in a smooth pony tail.
  • Step Five: Fasten barrel rolls with bobby pins as you smooth out your curls, taking time to make sure the curls are shaped properly. You don’t want the curls at the top to look awkward so secure them in place with pins as well.
  • Step Six: Use hairspray over the entire style. You’re going to need to use a firm hold hairspray to keep this one looking good all night.

The only real downfall of this one is how heavy all of those pins can feel by the end of the night. That’s why the test run is so important. If it’s uncomfortable, you won’t have nearly as much fun. You can try using a binder instead of pins to make it a little more comfortable.


Cute Hairstyle for Prom for Medium Length Hair

Chic and modern yet still classy and sophisticated, this style is proof positive that there are cute hairstyles for prom for medium length hair.

Get This Look:

  • Step One: Apply styling product as you gather your hair in a low pony tail toward the side of your head you’d like the style to rest on.
  • Step Two: Roll your hair under so that you’re able to pin underneath into a bun.
  • Step Three: Pin any sections of hair that aren’t long enough to gather into the bun underneath so you’re no longer able to see them. That could be difficult depending on your hair type. If that’s the case for you, you can dress up the ‘do a little bit and hide those pieces that are too short at the same time by braiding those pieces and pining them into the style. It adds a little flavor to the style.
  • Step Four: Apply hairspray. If you want this to stay in place all night, you’re going to need a strong hold hairspray – the stronger the better. This one is a hard one to keep under control. Spray the entire style well.
  • Step Five: Add a cute accessory behind your ear to really make the style pop and to add that wow factor.

The biggest downfall of this style is the fact that it’s pretty hard to keep tamed all night. Make sure you have a good hairspray in your hair emergency kit and you should be okay though.


Cute Hairstyle for Prom for Short Hair

Cute hairstyles for prom are not just for the girls with long or medium length hair. I love this short hairstyle. It’s classic yet fun. It also gives the appearance of length and volume. Great style and not all that hard to do.

Get This Look:

  • Step One: Apply sculpting mousse.
  • Step Two: Brush out hair as you’re blow drying it using a round brush.
  • Step Three: Use a curling iron to curl the ends of your hair.
  • Step Four: Use your fingers to separate the curls a little bit to give them a little more volume.
  • Step Five: One at a time, pin curls to the side being careful to allow at least part of the curl to remain loose.
  • Step Six: Separate hair you want to hang loose in the front and use hair pins to secure that hair in place at the top of your head.
  • Step Seven: Use a firm hold hairspray to secure the entire style

Perhaps the most appealing thing about this style is that it’s fairly easy to do once you have the hang of it. You should definitely give this one a trial run before prom though as it can be a bit tricky the first time you try it out.