Great Part-time Jobs To Keep A Healthy Lifestyle As A Parent

Being a parent means that your child is your priority but sometimes you just need that extra money to help pay the bills. A parent is very much a full-time job but here are some of the best part-time jobs that also help keep you healthy.

Dog Walking
Most families have dogs and you probably know a few! Why not offer to walk them for a small fee. You can walk multiple dogs at once and also give yourself a good workout playing with them. This is also a great idea if your child is still young as you can take a stroller with you and they can even help out if they’re old enough.

Paper Round
You may only see a paper round as a first part-time job when you’re in your teens but it’s actually a great job whilst you’re a parent. Many pros to this job. First, of which is that involves walking around your neighbourhood and speaking to your neighbours. Another advantage is that you can take your time or even jog whilst doing the route and after a few times you’ll know the route off by heart and do it without thinking. Similar to dog walking, you could bring your child along, or if they’re old enough, some weeks you can pass it over to them!

Personal trainer
Probably the highest earner on the list but is great if you are already a keen gym goer. Of course, you will need to go on a personal training course, as you can’t train anyone. But once you’re qualified, you can start getting clients and training them up.

Shop Worker
This is a very popular option for many. You could work throughout the day or even do the night shift. Involves carrying a lot of food and placing it on shelves and walking around the supermarket. This is a great option for people who are not used to working on their own as you will have a manager and fellow employees to speak to or help you out.

Personal Shopper
You probably haven’t thought about personal shopper as a part-time job but it has a lot of perks. If you’re into your fashion, you just advise someone what would suit them and the best brands. It doesn’t sound like it will keep you healthy but you’ll be carrying a lot of bags and walking around a lot of shopping centres!

Takeaway Food Delivery
Many food delivery companies are trying to reduce the footprint and be a bit greener. So what they do is only hire delivery drivers that ride pedal bikes from restaurant to the customers. Companies like deliveroo offer a very flexible service for employees where you can start your shift whenever you want (within reason). Worst case, you don’t get any orders and you just cycle around your local area for a few hours!

Comment below if you have any other suggestions for a parent to keep busy, earn a bit more and stay healthy!


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